UK: ride up everest?

24 hour races not enough for you?

How about 32 hours to do 29,000 feet of climbing.

Teams up to 6 if anyone is interested, I don’t think I could ride solo for that long, but I’d probably be up for a team of 4 or more.


Do you know what kind of riding this type of thing involves? I’d love to do one of these events, and Cheddar isn’t far from me, but it seems a 24 isn’t a unicycle to be doing this kind of mileage on.

I must go have a look around that neck of the woods…


The Red Bull was a Coker / 29er thing. However, this sounds more hilly and a bit more technical, so quite likely to be more 24/26/29.

Although it’ll be hard to know until they have more details up.


i would love to do it but i don’t have a muni only a 20" but if anyone had a spare i would gladly join.

Joe, we’ve been discussing this, but I don’t really like the idea of 29000’ of up and down. I don’t think I’m ready for it. But we’ll be over for RedBull - should be able to handle that!


With a team of 6 it’d only be 4830 feet.

A team of 4 would be 7250 feet.

To be honest I’d be surprised if a unicycle team rode much more than half of the target distance anyway, so it’d be probably more like 2 or 3 thousand feet, which isn’t all that much for a days riding.


Of course you’re right - somehow I was only thinking of solo. I checked my log and back in 2001, I did a 4600’ training ride in 4:34 (22 miles). The next year I did half that ride in 1:56. This is up and down a dirt fireroad. So it should be possible to do the whole thing in under 32 hours with 6 riders. Are you guys going to give it a try? Since it’s a week before Unicon, it would be pretty tough for us to come over for it.

This spring, I’m planning to work up to the triple ride which will be 33 miles/6900’ up and down - in under 7 hours. But the key to measuring fitness is that the day after these big rides you want to feel no soreness in the legs or back.