UK: Red Bull Mountain Mayhem 22-23/6/2002

Dear Madpeople,

The time is nearly upon us to apply for entry to Red Bull Mountain
Mayhem. I’m sure everybody here has heard about this event. I’m sure
most people here are damn glad that’s as close as they’ve got to this
event. :wink:

For the more, er, “adventurous”, we now have a proposed list of names
for two teams. If anybody would like to add their name (to either form a
third team or act as understudy in case somebody suffers illness,
injury, sudden realisation that this is a STUPID thing to do, etc.) or
remove their name (yeah, just you try…), please let me know.

The teams (at the moment) are…

The fast people:
Roger Davies
Sarah Miller
Paul Selwood
Leo White

The some-fast-some-not-so-fast-tending-towards-quite-slow-actually
Alan Chambers
Claire Gibbs
Paul Gibbs
Joe Rowing
Mark Wiggins

For anybody who hasn’t heard about Red Bull, here’s a brief run down…

Rumoured to be 14 mile laps this year (limited to 10.5 mile laps last
year because of F&M).
Teams of 4 (single sex) or 5 (mixed).
To qualify, every member of the team has to complete at least 2 laps.
Starts 2pm Saturday 22nd June. Finishes 2pm Sunday 23rd June.
Sandwell Park, just west of Birmingham. No, not the one in Alabama, the
REAL one. Ahem.
Course is available for inspection on the Friday afternoon/Saturday
Entry fee is traditionally UKP100 per team but we got a discounted rate
of UKP50 per team last year (UKP10 per wheel I s’pose).
Last year everybody rode Cokers. This year it sounds like Leo will use a
29" muni.
The course last year wasn’t particularly technical - much of it on
grass, around the edges of (previously ploughed) fields (bumpy), longish
uphills, a bit of gravel, quite a lot of singletrack.


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