uk person with tv

Hi all,

does anyone have a tv and video and some way of getting it onto computer? That could be set to record channel 4 at 5-6 pm tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd) and put a brief bit up on the gallery.

Just that there’ll be a short segment somewhere in Richard and Judy with me riding a unicycle across London. I’d quite like to see it and I don’t have a TV / video.



ill film it with a d/v camera thats the only option i have, and ill post it up on gallery for you :slight_smile:
ps. The AA Mag was good :smiley:

If nobody has anything easier I can record it straight onto the pooter from digital telly.

Of course, any quality gained from this will be more than destroyed by uploading the thing on a 56k modem… :roll_eyes:


I’ll set sky+ to record it then transfer the bit with you on. I’ll put up high and low quality ones in the gallery for you Joe (and anyone else).

Cheers, Gary

i’ll be watchin i have no way 2 get it uploaded ect. yeah nice one on the aa mag

thanks guys, I’m glad I’m not gonna miss it.



GGRR!!! Why can dads not use video recorders??? :angry:

I went out with my mates to watch a football match, and rang my dad up at 3 mins to 5. He said, ‘I am just recording it now’ . I ask if he had it set up correct. He said ‘Yes’.
So, I get home at 6.43pm, and put the Tv on, along with the video recorder, and what has he done (?), he has recorded it from channel 4 on the video, and not put the video on channel 7, and the cable box on 104!!! This means you get 1 split second of picuture, followed by 4 seconds of blank, and then another split second of picture… etc.

So, it looks like I will have to download it after all! Grr!


Video now in the gallery

I’ve uploaded the clip to the gallery.

There is a small version (3.17MB) and a large version (25.2MB) both encoded with DivX.


how could they, they made the classic link between unicycling, the circus and clowns right at the end.
other than that, cool feature, nice one joe

wow, that turned out better than I was expecting. It was cool that they got film of me riding in proper traffic.

Thanks ever so much for uploading it.