UK: Peaks Muni Trip 29th Sept

Re: UK: Peaks Muni Trip 29th Sept

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005 16:35:41 -0500, phil wrote:

>a lone “pop!” from John wrestling with his
>home-made balloon bed.

Looks like a good hard ride. I found the balloon helmet but what’s a
balloon bed? Sounds like a light weight if not very reliable variation
to the air bed theme.


The ex-ex-studenty type?
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this should answer all of the questions - I thought this was just a fascination that john had in the pub good to hear that he’s put it into practice

Of course it wasn’t just a silly idea! It’s a highly practical, cheap (if done the shonky DIY way) and fairly comfortable sleeping mat. Sadly I have decided that for things where I’m only carrying my rucksack to the campsite, taking a proper mat might be a better idea. Having said that, I wasn’t cold, it was comfortable enough and it is small and light.

Not only that, but how often do you get to make balloon models out of your bed while cooking power assisted super turbo adrenalin snacks for breakfast?


Shame on you all. As penance, make sure that there will be enough for all team members to wear at next year’s Mountain Mayhem. :sunglasses: