(UK): Peaks Muni Trip 2: Early Midlife Crisis 19th-21st September 2008

Paul, are you planning on being at either the EMU hockey tournament next weekend or Warwick the weekend after? If so, and if you can bring some/any/all of your camping gear, then I don’t mind putting it in my car and taking it up. (I’m assuming you don’t need your tent between now and then, of course)

Failing that, I might be in London before this event, but I wouldn’t like to rely on it.

Also, if you can get a coach/train to Nottingham then I can provide a lift the rest of the way.


Those makes my legs hurt just reading. Sounds fantastic!

I’ll have to clean the rust off my 24" muni (literally… Phil, you would be horrified to see the state I have allowed my shinyshiny onza cranks to get into), but I’ll be there. The train goes right to Edale, so that’s a winner for me.

Can’t wait.


I’m still hoping to get there Joe (if Ian’s car-share offer is still on). When you say “technical”, is it mostly rollable? (I still haven’t worked out how to hop so if it turns into a trials course I’ll be walking).

Probably see you there.



it’s at Coopers Campsite Edale,

details here

Just talked to her, as it’s out of the school holidays, you probably don’t need to book in advance, as long as you’re not going to turn up super late on the Friday night.

If you want to be safe, then by all means call up and book in, don’t mention the unicycling thing / or me - just book yourself in as a normal person, I’m running this just as a bunch of friends, rather than a proper event - I don’t want the hassle that goes along with making a group booking, especially as it’s not going to be a massive group.


Yeah, bits of it are much like Dartmoor, bits are a bit more mudfesty. It’s very much the sort of riding you do.


Yes it is still on but it might be a bit cosy and a bit girly.
I’ve decided to change my job for the second time in a year and finish at my current place on Wednesday 17th September and start at the new one on Monday 22nd.
This means that I may not have a car for the weekend, Rach has said we can borrow hers but that means we’ve got get all the gear into a Ford KA (cosy) which has loads of pink daises stuck on it (girly).
However my new employers may decide to deliver a car on Friday so that I’m ready to go on the Monday, in which case we’ll use that.
Either way I’m still up for this, I’ll keep you posted about the car situation.

Thanks Joe - sounds like I should be OK then.

@Ian - thanks for that, I’ll PM you about arrangements.

After reading that page I’m almost afraid to ring up and book in case I get shouted at for wasting their time :astonished:
Hopefully all those people were just hyper-sensitive…


Due to some winning some unexpected bids on eBay, as well as picking up a copy on an unexpected trip to a bookshop, I have now got 3 copies of this map! so the first 2 people to wave £4 in my general direction can have their very own copy!

See y’ll on Friday


Well, those both went quicker than I expected! Rob and Ian were first to put their hands up, so both spare maps are gone now.


Well, it looks like I’m not going:( .
I didn’t quite realize how far that is from here (and expensive). Anyways, have fun this weekend. Would be nice if you’d film some of it, so people can get more of an idea, what the riding is like over there. Maybe I’ll go visit England for a little longer some time soon, I would definitely take my muni along then.

Hi all,

quick note to say that I’m going to get there quite late on the Friday due to a family funeral on Friday down in Berkshire. Penny should be there earlier though - possibly at the same time as Spencer.

I’ll email round her number in case any of you need to contact her on Friday.


Also, if anyone is keen, and has some time to ride on Friday -

These two routes are lovely, and start from the campsite, and are easy enough to find.

Edale Station, small clough, Hollins Cross, back of mam tor, Edale
5 miles

Edale, Hollins Cross from the East, Mam Tor, Rushup Edge, Chapel Gate, Edale
8 miles


Also, in case anyone is technological - attached are gpx files with the probable Saturday ride (split into a shortcut and a long version), and the Friday rides I outlined in the last post, and also a ride which might be the Sunday ride, depending on hangover status etc.

If you don’t have software / gps hardware to view them, you can view them on an Ordnance Survey map online by loading the gpx files into

The saturday routes currently end at a pub in Castleton where lunch can be got - we can work out how to get back to Edale once we get to the pub.


pmt.zip (4.65 KB)

That sounds dangerous:D

I hope the act of asking won’t break the weather, but:

…would anyone fancy a barbecue on Friday or Saturday evening?


Phil you nutter. Ssssh.

BBQ might be a good idea, although now you’ve said it, I haven’t got high hopes for the weather!

There are at least 3 veggies coming - although none of them are particularly fussy veggies, and I’d guess all would be cool with some kind of fire burnt vegetarian doodad.

I’ve only organised in usual joe organisation fashion, so bbq might be a good idea if the weather is good. Maybe if you bring along some kind of fire / bbq thing, then we can work out from there. If you’re thinking disposable BBQ, probably worth finding a couple of bricks to put it on, campsites often don’t like them being used on the grass.


We won’t be there till about 9 on friday so if a BBQ is to be had, saturday would suit me better. Did I also see those with cars/boot space volunteering to bring the BBQs? Excellent.

Anyone know how late the pub there serves food?

*my girlfriend insisted on coming - I’ve warned her it’ll mean a weekend with a bunch of wierdos but that doesn’t seem to have put her off.

It’s like telling a small child not to touch a fire because it’s hot. They won’t beleive you until they get their fingers burnt! But don’t worry, I’m sure by the end of the weekend she will have learned her lesson!

Anyway, I have bbq coal and fire lighters somewhere in my garage, but no bbq. So I’ll bring the coal, and a couple of sausages with me for Saturday night, as long as someone else has the bbq to put them in.


I’ll bring our barbecue. It is from the future - it has no need of lowly things like charcoal.

If I remember rightly last time Tue and I turned up well after dark but still managed to get something to eat in the pub. That was three years ago, mind…

Write out 100 times - “real barbeques use charcoal - it’s the future!” :wink:

Have a great weekend guys, maybe by next year I’ll be good enough to only be a couple of miles behind. Looks like the weather may smile on you. Fingers crossed.

I’ll be down South watching old cars drive round a race track or I’d be jealous.