UK PC(?) Amanda, or should we say... SWAT?

I know a male and female police officer of the local police of Amsterdam applied for a unicycle to do surveilance in shopping areas on, but unfortunely their request was denied.

Seems like in the UK they’re more open to unicycles. Below pictures I found in The Daily Time, and belong to this article on Amanda Gallacher.

And not only the police is using unicycles, also the local paper-boy:

“Getting a little too old at 20”? what?

She’s obviously too decrepit and frail. She could break a hip. :astonished:

Actually there is a bit of an age divide in unicycling. It’s mostly teenagers doing flat and trials. Older riders favor muni and long distance. Maybe she’s gotten old enough that she doesn’t feel like she fits in with the trials group anymore.

Hi Amanda,

The uniformed shot is great. :slight_smile:

Do you have a larger unicycle for road riding? Do you ride a 29" or 36"? Now that you are too old for trials you could join some of the more mature coughdecrepitcough riders for leisurely rides through the countryside.


Amanda, nice pictures. Hope your ankle heals and you will rejoin riding at some point.

It’s a crackin’ ariticle Amanda but journo’s never report what is actually said as I found out recently when being interviewed about a charity day when I dressed up as Freddie Mercury (in drag) for the Mercury Phoenix Trust.
I believe it’s called journalistic license :roll_eyes:

Quite right Doc Doo. I enjoyed this item about my band that recently appeared in the Evening Standard. even by journalistic standards this one stretches the envelope of truth:

Took me a while to locate it in the paper, because the journo involved had assured us that it was going to be a review of one of our gigs.

I had to look really hard to spot a couple of two actual facts, one of which is most definitely not that I can go backwards on my 29er!

Nice rolling there Amanda. Glad you made it to the police force!

Thank you Leo, for posting the news!

I’ve had a journalist completely fabricate an interview with me just to fill space.
I have absolutely no trust in reporters or the media any more.
Which is ironic as I worked at a local newspaper for fourteen years.

Now if I get asked by the press for any comments or to have my photo taken at charity rides I cheerfully tell whoever it is to get stuffed.