Uk orders from Municycle.Com


Just wondering if someone from the UK could help me…

I need a Brake Lever Extender for my Muni, and Municycle.Com is the only place I can get one.

They cost £5, but the postage was going to cost an extra £11!
So, what I propose to do is, if anyone from the UK is ordering anything from Municycle, could they add my brake lever extender to their order, and I will pay them the extra it will cost in postage (*) and of course give them the money for the extender.

Please email me (with the subject as ‘Unicycle’ or else it may get deleted at junk mail) if you are interested. You have nothing to loose, and will be helping a 16 y/o on a very tight budget get his brake working again…

My email address is magicman008 at hotmail dot com



(*) for example, if your postage cost £15, but with my brake lever it cost £17, I would pay the extra £2

It might be worth PMing Thinuniking, I know he was considering a frame from I’ll let you know if I order anything.

i could be ordering a frame also, and my mate wants a QU-ax trials, hmm ill let u know if were going to order soon, fgoing on holiday so it mayy not be before the BUC, hmm