[UK only] WANTED: Second hand 16" unicycle for child to learn on...


I’ve just started unicycling (since Christmas) and am getting on
pretty well, and now my 7 year old son is keen to learn too! Does
anyone have an 16" unicycle in reasonable condition they want to sell?
I’m reluctant to spend £60-£70 for a new one so soon after Christmas!
I live in Bath, but will obviously pay postage charges from further

Please reply to tim at theps dot co dot uk



You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! http://unitim.blogspot.com

keep an eye on ebay is my suggestion. I got a 16" there a couple of weeks ago. (still successfully hiding it from my daughter as it’s supposed to be a birthday present!)

alternatively you could go to the uni meet in kidderminster this weekend and let him try one out for free (£5 deposit). unicycle.uk.com has the details of times & how to get there. Or try to borrow one for a bit at SWUM in Exeter in February.

maybe see you there!


I have one

Hi there

I have a 16" unicycle, but I live in switzerland.
It is red and it is in a more or less good shape. The saddle is ripped of in the front so if it is a birthday present or something like that I would not recommend it. It’s just that the front piece of the saddle fell of because the unicycle fell on the ground many times. You get a new one for less then 5£… All though I’m not sure wheater it would fit. I just don’t want to sell a unicycle with whom you’re not happy…

Please reply if you’re interested.:slight_smile:

I nearly fell into the trap.

This thread is 12 and a half years old.
Tim’s 7-year old son will be 19-20 years old now, so a 16" unicycle might be too small.

I was surprised to see how far back the messages went when I joined. This one even looks like it was copied over from a Usenet newsgroup. But it’s easy to do, especially when you’re new to the forum. It’s a very thoughtful and considerate offer nevertheless, a credit to the poster. :slight_smile:

And based on the bio info, lorenaunicyclist would have been about 2 years old when the wanted ad was first posted. :astonished:


Didn’t notice that… I wonder why the post came on where all the new posts usually are :o