UK- Northshore meet

Hi all,

What? —A few of us have decided it would be fun to hold a Northshore day and maybe some trials on the sunday too. The idea is to have a fun chill-out day with some hard fun riding too!

When? —Saturday 20th May

Where? — Mabie Forest ‘The Dark Side’ in very south scotland(near Dumfries)

Who? — Whoever wants to come, it’s not the easiest of rides by any means, there are some very technical parts so be warned but if you’re willing, all welcome.

So far there is myself (Aaron), Joe baxter, Si M, Phil (all the way from somerset!) Simon R, Mark L, Rick E, and many more…

What to ride? — Either 24/26 muni’s or 20 inch trials (although a little slow) will be just fine!

A few examples of the riding there…

How to get there? —Just email, PM or post and I can help you with directions of how to get there
…or visit for help.

All round it’ll be a really fun day or weekend if you fancy it. Just let me know if you’re thinking of coming?


Sorry, I meant the 28TH MAY


They are probably at or returning home from that UBC thing? or was it CUM…no, BUC! so it might need to be shamelessly bumped.

sounds good, think we’ll be there