uk nighttime uni trip


We were talking about this on the Coker weekend and it still sounds like a
good idea to me. So, here’s some info to gauge interest,

I’ve already found a suitable place to do this, Swinley Forest near
Bracknell. There are lots of Coker-able fire tracks, some of which have
some decently steep hills on. As well as the large tracks, there are lots
of weeny little singletrack trails ranging from easy peasy to a couple of
extremely naughty ones, theres a really nasty wiggly downhill with several
serious dropoffs which I’ve never dared try.

We’d need lights, what you’d need is some kind of 10W front light, either
headmounted or unicycle mounted. Most of the people who did the Red Bull
had “Smart 10w lights”, which are a battery which fits in a bottle cage
and a light which you attach to your seatpost in some way. They cost about
30 quid I think. I ride a head mounted lumicycle light with a separate
battery, but that’s a bit too expensive to buy if you’re not going to use
it all the winter. Petzl do headmounted lights which with a halogen bulb
are pretty decent and have the advantage that they run on not too
expensive batteries so you can carry a couple of spares and they’ll last
quite long.


anyone interested, drop me a mail, or comment in the newsgroup or