*UK* New UK forum - A friendly place for UK unicyclists *UK*

Thanks for the support Billy.
Im am in no way saying that the new forum was meant as a replacement for this one. I didn’t mean that everything non-UK was shit either. I will still be active and post on here, but its just that the UK stuff is so watered down on here that sometimes it will be nice to go somewhere where almost everything that is posted will be of some relevence to you.

I had intended this to be a friendly thing, so far it looks anything but…

Probably didn’t help by you describing this forum as too full of shit.
When you throw in a non-specific insult like that, then you kind of insult everyone who posts here.

But that’s just my opinion, right?

I’m all for having more unicycling forums out there and I like the idea of having a specific UK based one, it means we can have threads/forum sections dedicated to just UK meets/ride outs etc that can sometimes get lost on this forum due to the number of people posting. It just gives us more chance of spotting theses events if we are browsing two forums.

As the sport grows, more and more forums are bound to start and grow it happens with all sports/hobbies but this one will still be the daddy (or mommy) of them all. I still intend to fully support this forum and use it regularely and hopefully everyone else will including those who find the other smaller forums first.

No reason why two forums can’t co-exist.

We’ve had the NZ forum (www.unicycle.org.nz) for a few years now, and I post on both. It’s sometime nice not to clutter the international forum with very local specific stuff. Like organising transport to events etc.

I am with Gizmoduck on this, the forum should work well alongside this one

I am signed up and ready to go


man i hate this edd kid hes always trying to ruin stuff,

lol naaaott, ill sign up when i get a chance i dont spend time on the forums much anymore but i will get back into riding properly soonxxx

so there’s another place to get infos and find out about stuff that will pertain particularly to me.
that’s cool:)

i’m signed up already and both of them are my home page.

i don’t see what’s the big deal about this being such a bad thing. noones asking people to boycott this forum…

I like British things, Just joined. And btw; will I be shot if I speek lyk dis?

no, our nation does not favour the gun, you will be stabbed instead

I have both:D and use both, but I am not a murderous thug, I’m a unicyclist!
I have posted a thread on there for a ride in the summer, so if no ones bothered to find it, i will post a link, it isn’t hard and then everyone around the world will see too. Oh tht isn’t so hard, posting on both, so fuss pots can see, and so can those who like to find these threads quickly and easily.

Just signed up.

Oh how loverly :slight_smile:

Yeah, and polititions dont care, there have been atleast 16 teenagers stabbed this year in the Uk, and only 16 polititions turned up to the “crackdown on knives”. It is dissapointing to say the least.

Was that some kind of event? do you really think that them being there would have made all the difference to the culture of a generation? were you there?

suggesting that a group does not care about the deaths of teenagers without any reason is pretty nasty

In the houses of parliment or something. It was about changing laws so younger people are arrested instead of given a warning when theyre found with knives.I find it stupid that most of them couldn’t be bothered to turn up.