*UK* New UK forum - A friendly place for UK unicyclists *UK*

Hi Everybody,

If you are reading this the chances are that you are from the UK and a unicyclist. Have you ever wished that there was a forum where it is easy to find UK events and see unicycling photos from the UK? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all your UK unicycling buddies were on one messageboard?
Well, now there is one!
We are proud to introduce:

A few of us UK riders decided it was time that a UK forum was started. We feel it will be easier to find information regarding UK rides and events and hopefully bring the UK riders closer together and get to know each other better.
Feel free to pop along for a look and to register if it takes your fancy. Well, thats about all I can thing of for the time being.

See you on the forums!

All signed up :slight_smile:

I signed up last night, but i must admit its not very lively lol. Still cool though.

I thought I’d seen it before, its where you posted the Stevenage ride pictures.

Great Idea, looks good, im all signed up and ready to post.

WHY?! I know Gavin has never been much of a fan of Gilby but why split everything so we all need to read two forums? Seems silly to me.


To put it bluntly, I like it because this forum is too full of shit for my liking. Just my opinion though :slight_smile:


I dont care, go with it and all will be fine, I think it’s cool, because you can find out about whats going on here in the UK without searching through loads of irrelivent threads.

just signed up my user names Jonny
i think its a great idea it will be nice to find all the UK events without having
to search for ages.


I don’t see the point of splitting off a UK specific forum - one of the great things about this one forum is that you can see what’s going on all round the world, and keep in touch with people you meet from other places. If we moved UK specific things off this forum, then we’d reduce the chance for other people to know what’s going on the UK.

I know I’ve been to Australia, the US, New Zealand, France (and probably some other places I forgot) and met up with other riders, all because of these forums, and I’ve done rides with foreigners who were over from other places. I’m also in contact with a lot of riders doing Ride the Lobster who I’ve previously met whilst travelling, or when they came over to the UK, things like that make this forum really great.


Why do you think the shit won’t follow you onto the new forum? Or do you think none of the people posting shit are from the UK?

And even if that is the case, we’ll still need to look here for a general view of what’s going on (not just meetings and events). You’d never see AspenMike’s photos, or read about the loon on his 1000 mile ride in Alaska, or see Terry’s endless self-promotional spam (OK, so that would be a good thing :p).

Purely as an event list I can see the point in separating the UK stuff, and I suppose it may be useful for organising events, which is pretty pointless for anybody else to read, but people often post write-ups and pictures from events and I think it would be a shame to lose all that from the international forum.

Perhaps I’m the only one.


EDIT: OK, seems like there’s at least two of us.

I think it’s a dumb idea.
You’re trying to fracture an already tiny minority.
People will feel like they’ll be forced to choose your forum over already formed international friendships.

I’ll stick with this place thanks.

I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Surely having somewhere where the threads that apply to you most don’t slip down to page 3 within one day is a good thing? :thinking:
If you don’t like the idea, fair enough. Just thought it was pretty sweet myself.

I will still use this forum, probably just as much. I thought the idea of the UK forum was to be almost purly for organising meets and stuff like that (thats how I will probably use it at least). It is often hard to spot them when they are hidden between all the other stuff on the forum.

One random idea - rather than a UK specific different forum - how about a list of links to uk related threads on rec.sport.unicycling. So you copy the thread link onto that site, and it sticks it in the listing there, with some cunningness so that you could see which UK threads had posts on most recently and stuff like that. That way you’d have all the benefits of being able to see uk related threads, but without hiding everything happening in the UK from any foreigners.

Obviously that would rely on a little bit of custom programming, but I’m presuming given someone has bothered getting a domain name and all that, there is someone with some programming knowledge involved.

The separate forum thing is what New Zealand has, and it’s just really quiet, means that it takes ages to get useful answers to anything NZ related, and is usually quicker to post on RSU and hope that someone else who’s been to NZ will see it.


I think it’s a good idea.

I’m just about to go sign up.

No one said that anyone had to stop using this forum, it’s not one or the other!


Which, of course, is what the uk_unicyclists mailing list is for:

And, of course, you could always look at the calendar:

Well, I’m not going to be signing up.

I like it here. And one of the main reasons is the good international mix of people, opinions, events and products.

You say that this place is full of shit. Do you mean 'stuff that doesn’t have [UK] in the title? If so, then you’re going to miss out on a lot of potentially relevant information. Just to take a recent example, Kris Holm recently posted a product recall here for the geared hub. Unless you expect Kris to track down every little forum all over the place, then you will miss out on important info like this. Likewise there are lots of discussions about the best [insert component here] which often gets a good range of response from most of the English speaking countries (and a few others too). The UK scene isn’t large enough to provide a sound enough basis for this kind of product debate.

If by full of shit, you mean bickering and flaming, well, I’d rather stay here and chose to ignore it than be a part of a forum where I have to tippy toe around GK Mak for fear of my post offending his precious sentiments and being deleted. Or worse still banned. Free speech is a fantastic thing, and the internet is great for enhancing that. But a forum where you have to conform to the thinking of the host is more like a dictatorship and not somewhere that I am going to post.

Those are just my opinions. You don’t have to agree with them - that’s your right. But at least I can express them openly here.


There’s something about “Yahoo” that makes me want to stay clear. I don’t know why and can’t properly explain it, I just don’t like the look of it. And “Yahoo Groups” just sounds dodgy to me.


Yea thats the way I look at it. I will use this forum just the same but I will just check the UK forum everyday or so, checking for upcoming rides and posting If im intrested or feel like aranging a meet.

This is something quite interesting, for someone whos only just signed up to this forum.

To all those complaining, Im not sure if this new UK forum was intended to be a replacement for this one, but I certainly dont think it is. Personally I see it more as complimentry. It is true that UK events disappear off the front of this forum quick as a flash, you cant deny that.

But you arent “forced” to use that one completely instead of this one. I read about 3 forums each day. Now its going to be 4, and I can’t see how thats going to be a problem, flicking between this one and the UK one.

semach.the.monkey I think you misunderstand about s**t being anything not about the UK. Also I can’t see Gk Mak running around and banning everyone, he doesn’t come across like that from what Ive seen. I have seen his “properly moderated” comments, but only when forum members have been bullying each other

I may sign up to the UK forum. I may not. But I’ll definitely lurk around to see UK event announcements. If people keep posting UK announcements there then I’m sure the forum will work. If it doesn’t work, we’ll find out in a few months time wont we?