UK MUni Ride Coed Llandegla Forest

This is a newly build privately-owned recreation facilities in North Wales. Only 2/3 months old!


From the site ‘All tracks are completely enclosed within the forest, with no main roads to cross. Within the Visitor Centre there is a café and a variety of facilities for bikers, all just 7 miles from Wrexham and 14 miles from Chester.’

For some pictures see

Ok, this is very late notice :slight_smile: but we are going to be taking our bikes and muni’s to Llandegla this weekend on the 12th (Saturday).

This is a heads up for anyone who may be interested. It is quite possible that we will be the first muni riders in the UK to ride there (or at least among the first few).

Sounds cool but I’ve got a few baby-minding debts to pay back after last weekend’s Dartmoor muni :frowning:
Another time perhaps?

No problem, it was only last min that I decided to bring the Muni. I’ll have to organise something a bit more formal with lots of warning in the future :slight_smile:

I could be up for that depending on the work situation.
Whereabouts in the northwest are you? (I live in Macclesfield).
Would you be taking 24" Muni’s?

I live in Wigan and Craig in Lymn, as you ask will you be needing a lift?

As Craig has commitments with his friend (who is biking) it is possible that it could be just me on the Muni. Craig is bringing his muni however.

As my choice of Uni is either a 20" or a 24" i’ll be doing it on my 24" :slight_smile: it might be 29able but i’ve never been there before so not sure.

If you are interested let me know.

If you’re passing near Macclesfield a lift would be fantastico. If that’s not convenient then no worries.

I don’t have a 29’er unfortunately and if you’re 24’ing then it would make sense for me to also. I’ve been wanting to go for a decent ride fopr the last week or so as I’ve just invested in some new Muni’ing shoes. Be a good oppurtunity to put them through their paces.



If it’s suitable for beginners I would love to come next time. Too short notice for this time.


MrBoogiejuice, Macclesfield is in the opposite direction to where i’ll be travelling from so I lift is unlikely as I might stay on after the Uni ride and do a bike ride etc. email me on norry [at] norry [dot] [co] [dot] [uk] and i’ll give you a call.

Cathy, there are actually 3 routes

Family Route (blue) 4 km/2.5 miles
Beginner Route (green) 12 Km/7.5 miles
Intermediate Route (red) 18 km/11 miles

So i’m sure there would be something there to suit all tastes. Next time I will get more organised and give people more warning. Reason I didn’t was because it was arranged as a biking event but i decided to change the plans slightly at last notice :slight_smile: