UK MUni Ride Coed Llandegla Forest (sun 4th June)

This is a newly build privately-owned recreation facilities in North Wales. Only 2/3 months old! See the website here

From the site ‘All tracks are completely enclosed within the forest, with no main roads to cross. Within the Visitor Centre there is a café and a variety of facilities for bikers, all just 7 miles from Wrexham and 14 miles from Chester.’

For some pictures see here when we did the route on bikes.

I’ve done this once before on my 24 (170 cranks) see this post , never again! So i’ll be taking the 29er as the track is much more suited to faster swooping riding than plodding along. I will be doing the red route which is 11 miles. Much more XC than bouncy on rocks type muni.

See here for pdf of the routes.
Family = 2.5 miles
Beginner = 7.5 miles
Intermediate = 11 miles

Notice that the Beginner and Intermediate routes all do the same large hill climb at the start.


  • I am planning to go (hence the heads up incase anyone fancies it) but I don't know what time (will be morning) as it's possible my wife might come along with the dog. (will know later on in the week)
  • Also I noticed on a small ride last night my left knee hurting so if it gets worse I also might not go.
  • Anyone welcome as there are 3 routes, but the 7 and 11 miles both start on the large uphill.
  • This is more of a 'i'll be there anyone want to join me thing' than a organised muni weekend :D

See attached gifs for 11 mile route and elevation profile

well ya can pick me up on the way and i’ll come :stuck_out_tongue: but i’ll have to do it on a 24 with 140’s :slight_smile:

well it’s that or a coker which i ordering today, and i doubt i can mount that on hillz :smiley:

I’m coming. And now that you’ve put the idea into my head I’m going to go even if you don’t. :slight_smile:


luckily i can get down to a pickup spot if he’s willing to give us a lift :wink: or i’ll just flag him down with the temptation of the bottle of beer :smiley:

Myself and pedro are up for this…Need to work out transport issues though. We can get a train to Chester does anyone local know if there’s a bus from Chester to the spot?

depending on what ya carrying i could give ya a lift, let me see what arranagements i’m doing :smiley:

that would be excellent, cheers matey!

Yeah i’m going in car but pickup in chester is a bitch, what train route would you be taking? Might be a easier place to pickup.

We’d be coming from Macclesfield…So dunno really. Wherever’s good for you.

Would you have space for a 29’er, a coker and two bods…That’s the crucial factor really.

ok i’ve check train times and shoulnd’t be a prob to pick u up form chester, but only way i can think to make it vaible so we actually have enough time to do the run. you get a lift to crewe from parents :wink: (30min ride) catch the 8.55 to chester (30min) where we pick you up and onto the muni (40min).

Other wise it’s gonna get silly with us getting there like 12:30 and it’s be 4 hr ride.

ouch i was thinking you’d be on 24’s, i don’t think they’d fit in the car :frowning:

OK…Hold fire. I’ll see if I can work out sumfink else. but if it comes to it then it’ll have to be a 24" day.

Just looking at the map, a train to Wrexham and then riding to the forest from there might well be an option. I’ll talk to Pete and see what he thinks.

prob is your talking over 3 hrs with train and riding there, but if you get a lift off me and a lift to crewe station, your only talking 2 hrs tops

Any idea of the time yet Norry, I have to prepare myself well in advance for getting up early in the morning at the weekend. :slight_smile:


Paula and I were thinking of 10.00am It gets busy quite early (well it has everytime i’ve been) and the weathers looking good so it might be popular. I know my neighbour is going with some friends on bikes early on.

Knees still sore but fingers crossed won’t be an issue for the weekend, besides it makes for a good excuse when i’m going slow :slight_smile:

If Kit, Pete, and Zippy go hopefully our paths will cross sometime! I’d love to see a coker up in those hills.

Cathy do I remember you having a GPS ? I could sent you the route etc if you are interested.

Looking forward to it.

Sounds good. I’ll be there by 10.

Yes I do have a GPS and it would be great if you could send me the route. Thanks.


I’m having slight difficulties now. I’m wondering how I will actually know that we have ridden without Mikefule to write it up afterwards? :smiley:


I don’t think you need to worry Cathy, there will be lots of things to remember it by. :slight_smile:

Sore knees
Sore legs
Sore bottem

Well thats how I always seem to remember these rides, oh and the lovely cake at the end! that always sticks in my memory.

Have you decided on which route your doing? Although they are called beginner and intermediate i think the only major different will be the length. Both routes do the big climb at the start and then go slightly different ways to the end. I haven’t done the beginner however so can’t really comment. I think the intermediate route might have more single track and humps etc.

Saying that i think at the time the 11 mile route on the 24 was too much for me and I got cramp which didn’t help matters, also the mud in places was terrible but they have since sorted a lot of that out.

If you send him the photos, the route and payment in soreen maybe you could commission him to do the report for you… it might not be strictly factually accurate, but there’s no point letting the truth get in the way of a good story.


i’m thinking about the 7 mile one. i was so saddle sore after 12miles on flat :slight_smile:

I think I will do the ‘beginner’ route. I have only done 7 miles plus once before and althought that was OK, I anticipate this will be a bit more taxing. I don’t want to be put off doing bike trails by nearly killing myself the second time I do one.

If the beginner route goes OK I will definately do the Intermediate route the next time and there definately will be a next time.