UK - Muni head to head race - feeler

Boo hoo!!! I wont be able to make the 7th. But dont worry about me, if other people can make it i hope you have as good a day as I did on sunday! It was absolutely awesome! I really want to go again - lots! It’s probably the best days unicycling I’ve had! Can’t wait to go again!


Damn, well if you can all let me know how you feel about this date, it’s not like I have to book anything so it can be changed if it’s problematic for too many people.

Sunday was indeed awesome, and I’m feeling the need to try the coker down the four cross track so who knows what may happen.

I can probably make the 7th - like I said before, I’ll be in Brighton so I’ll have to get the train from there (wife will need the car). What’s it like to get to by rail? Rideable from the nearest station? (I haven’t really looked yet… could be a ridiculous suggestion) Or any chance of a lift from somewhere?


The nearest station looks like about 10 miles by road. Might be best if we meet you somewhere closer to our starting point (leamington or banbury) and give you a lift the rest of the way, else you’re going to have to change at alot of places to get there. I’ll try and sort out our transport arrangements and let you know.

Cool, thanks for that. Hopefully we can work something out :slight_smile:


Isn’t your unicycle tyre actually wider than the diameter of your rim? Heh.


It’s a shame you can’t come down, stuff like this is a great way to learn more technical terrain in an easy atmosphere, as it’s individual technical elements (like a jump or a drop) in an otherwise smoothe and wide path. Forget the racing business, we had a couple of informal runs with all four of us, and I don’t think in any one go more than two of us got to the end without dismounting. This will be a very informal event.

Yes I am wearing the now legendary DMR grey t-shirt, I find it breaks the ice when riding in an area heavily populated by bikes. For the second time we got not a single negative comment all day, people were happy to give us a little extra time to get down the track, a whole group of guys who went down after me insisted on shaking my hand.

Brighton -> Bedford direct on Thameslink. Then you need a lift from Bedford station which is I think not insanely far away but too far to ride on a muni.


Yes of course, given the numbers any even vaguely serious racing will only take maybe 10 to 20 mins out of a full days riding, and we need someone to shout go anyway.

I would like to know if peope are intending to come actually, so far me and loose are def going, and i believe rob northcott is pretty certain. It’s no big if there aren’t enough people to race, it’s a great place to ride all day, just would be kindof cool if we could get some 4 rider head-to-head going.

Yup I’ll be there as long as I can arrange transport (i.e. scrounge a lift :p) from Bedford station.


Just in case you hadn’t guessed, I can’t make this. Sounds fun though, might have to try and organise some more racing. I’m thinking a weekend of riding somewhere (peaks, maybe) with a brief period of something only a tiny bit more organised than riding along with some git shouting ‘fasterfaster’ as they catch up.

Have fun.

How about a race down the Beast - 5 second penalty for crossing the finish line on a stretcher, 10 for in an ambulance, 15 in a helicopter…

Banbury station will be alot easier for us and is shorter (and therefore presumably a cheaper) train ride for you. They’ll be max three of us in a new discovery so we’ll have plenty of room.

I can go to Banbury if it’s better. It actually takes quite a bit longer than to Bedford (two changes, whereas Bedford is direct from Brighton), but I can go there if that’s where the lift is :slight_smile:
The earliest I can get there is about 9:30 though (leaving Brighton at 6:15) - don’t know what time you were planning on starting.


Hmm well maybe Bedford would be better in that case, do you need to know soon or can we sort this out nearer the time?

Thanks for offering to pick me up :slight_smile:
Just checked the times again. If I leave at 5:30 I can get to Banbury for 8:30 or Bedford for 8:00. Any earlier than that and it gets a bit silly (leave at 4am to get there a few minutes earlier).
I don’t actually need to book the tickets now - I’m just not sure how busy the trains will be in that area on a bank holiday weekend.


No address, if you use google earth then I can send you an email with the pinpoint attached (can’t post it on here due to file type) or give you the co-ordiantes. there are directions here, but please note the carpark we’ll meet at is at the northeast corner of the forest, not the one marked on maps.

Sorry I was in Snowdonia over the weekend then motor racing the last couple of days, just emailing you now.

Talking about early starts… is somebody still up for picking me up at Bedford or Banbury? I’m going to be off to Brighton tomorrow for the week, so my forum-reading opportunities will be limited. Where do I need to get to, and how early?


Rob, I’ll talk to loose today and finalise detials for transport and start time, and get back to you.