UK - Muni head to head race - feeler

I went riding with some mountain biking friends near Bedford yesterday. The place we were at had the most awesome four cross, dual slalom, north shore, cross country and free ride areas. It set me thinking, would people be interested in trying to organise some sort of head to head off-road racing event? I would probably try and split people up in to wheel size classes, 24", 26" and 29" would all be viable, and possibly even 36" for the experienced cokeur. There are no unavoidable drops in the course, it certainly wouldn’t require a splined hub. We could have practise in the morning, then a few heats and a final, and obviously people woud be free to ride the north shore etc. at any point. Using the course costs £5 for adults, £3 for juniors, if a lot of people show interest I may charge a small entrance fee and organise medals/trophies for the winners. I have no idea about dates yet, probably during the easter holidays on a weekend.

Please post if you’d be interested in this idea, and what wheel size(s) you would intend to race with so I can get a vague idea of numbers, thank you.

Sounds cool - I’m always up for a race. I can’t say I’ll definitely be able to make it, but I like the idea.
I’d be riding 26x3, but I’ll happily race against 29ers.


I’m game for this, I would also be on a 26x3.
Easter is looking pretty busy at the moment but I’ll come if I can.

This sounds like a good idea. I’d be up for it, probably on 36" or maybe 29".

How about March 31st or April 14th? Is there potential for two days of riding and a full weekend?


This sounds like fun, definitely interested in either attending and racing or helping you organise Dave. 26x3, obviously.


Is this looking like a goer, or have you not had enough interest? If I’m going to have any hope of being there I need to get things sorted out pretty soon.


I’d probably be up for this, although I’m a bit lacking in free weekends so can’t guarantee anything.

Just one thought - am I right in thinking you’re talking about a chicksands? You sure it’ll be alright to clog the place up with lots of unicyclists?

I’m watching this thread

I am indeed talking about chicksands, yes we’d have to be slightly careful not to annoy other users, but I must have run the 4 cross course about 2 dozen times during the day without a single negative comment. The bikers seemed more interested to see how I did than worried that I was taking slightly longer than they did. Even at the busiest time I would only have to wait a minute or two before there was no one waiting to use the track and i could use it without fear of getting in the way. Seemed the biggest crowds were round the dirt jump lines, which are of course of no interest to us.

Had 6 positive replies so far, not enough for anything formal but enough for a bit of a shindig, I’ll pick a date by the end of the weekend and post it up so people can try and make arrangements.

There is a big and scary north shore thing (Herts Shore) round near there which I think isn’t too many miles from Chicksands. I think Aaron from Cumbria has ridden it, also I believe Joe Rowing might have, but I might be going mental.

It’s kind of invite only / non public though, you basically have to get permission / location information off the guy Tony who runs it (online he’s called Jedi), or one of the other guys involved.

It would be cool although blatantly irresponsible and illegal to do Snowdon as a race, almost everywhere is wide enough to overtake, and there’s loads of scope for strategic line choice, big crashes etc.

On the last few Peaks rides I’ve been on, we’ve effectively done multi-rider racing, or at least the 3 or 4 people at the front of the group have. It’s cool fun.

I’m always up for racing, but will still be in NZ.


That would be good to explore, but the chicksands north shore already gets way beyond what I’m happy to try and ride, big and scary doesn’t sound so good.

I guess with a group who ride together regularly racing snowdon might work, but with a more diverse group they would get so spread out, people would be finishing hours apart.

Judging by the photos he posts on Singletrack I don’t think there’d be much value in taking a group to Herts shore… most of it is waaaaaaaaay beyond my abilities!

Racing on Snowdon wouldn’t be so bad if you chose the right time of day to do it… :slight_smile:

Yeah. It’s gotta be good for a bivvi at the summit, ride down at dawn*. Or just ride/walk up just before dawn, bomb down at first light, to save carrying bivvi gear.

I think Dave has a good point about the different speeds involved, although having said that, I’d be surprised if it didn’t turn into a few bunches of riders, rather than everyone spreading out completely, there’s a real motivational thing about seeing another rider just in front of you that tends to bunch people up.

The Herts shore might be a bit too hard, Aaron is a pretty good technical rider after all, although I know they’ve built some learner lines too, I dunno how much baby stuff they have though.


*I am bivvying lots at the moment - there’s no way I’d have got to some of the places I’ve been recently without - like at the high point of the Queen Charlotte Walkway at dawn

Oh well do it anyway! your abilities will improve :wink:

…after the bones have healed.

Sorry ive neglected this, likely dates are the 31st/1st March and 7th/8th April, let me know which of these days you all prefer. I’ll also be going down this sunday with some bikers and possibly another 3 unicyclists if anyone is interested. Here’s a teaser…

Hmmm… I’m going to be visiting family in the Brighton area that week - if you make it the 7th/8th I may be able to get away for one day (which day are you planning on doing the racing? Saturday would be better for me really).

I’ll see what I can do, but no promises… I’d really like to make this though.


I can’t do 7/8 April, and 31 March is a rare free weekend and it’s a fair way, so I’d be up for a biggish event but maybe not for a smaller shindig. Hope that’s not like pouring on cold water. This does sound like it could be a cool thing.


That’s fair, I think we’re deffinitely looking at more a shindig level of event, and I know weekends are precious.

Ok I’m going to say saturday the 7th unless anyone has any strong objections. Me loosemoose, annaats and matt went down this sunday, was some good fun. See photos here, I’m afraid there’s a lot of bike photos, including me on one.