*UK* Muni day at Chicksands - 8/11/08 *UK*

Hey Guys!
Its been a while since we’ve had a meet at Chicksands and Leo and I are meeting up with a couple of guys up there so we thought we will try and get some more people along.

So, same routine as normal, Saturday 8th November. Meet in the carpark at about 11ish. We will be parking in the carpark at the top near the dual slalom and the 4x. Its so much easier to find the Northshore from there. Bring a fiver, you don’t always have to pay, but the guy does normally come round.

Should be good.


sounds tempting, if i can get out of rowing i may well roll on down for this

I wish I could get there!
This is annoying… I cant get anywhere to ride with new people, and my friends have either given up or wont ride until the summer :frowning:

IT’S NOT FAIR! :angry:

Just bumping this back up, seeing as its only a couple of weeks off. Hoping to get a good turnout to this if possible, Chicksands meets are always a bit of a laugh and a nice social event normally too.


I go away to have some fun with NUTS at the weekend and this thread ia already on page 4!!!

Would be great if we could get a gathering together. AJ will be making an appearance after having his debut Muni experience yesterday. He was broken into the Muni fold by riding Teggs Nose which left him battered and bruised but raring for more!

Should be a good session!


Mini video from last time around. Sadly can’t make it this time round Edd. You guys have a good time.


i was so excited to see a UK meeting (as i always am, i’ve never been to one). but then i checked where Chicksands was…
bout 180miles away… sorry i can’t go

If you could get to High Wycombe there is a guy, Ralph, who is meeting us up there. He is driving, if you asked him nicely he might be able to fit you in the car. http://unicycleforums.co.uk/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=175


These guys are me and my mate Sam.

If anyone would like a lift from the High Wycombe area, or on the way from High Wycombe to Chicksands, let me know and I may be able to give you a lift. Railway stations near where I live include Amersham, High Wycombe and Beaconsfield, or railway stations I go near en route include Aylesbury, Dunstable and Flitwick.

I am looking forward to meeting new riders.