(UK) Mountain Mayhem 2009

OK, I’ll do it then…

Presumably anyone going solo will sort their own entry out.

Anybody wanting to race in a team needs to get their name, address and date of birth (and signature if you can) to me ASAP (i.e. today really - the entries open tomorrow and usually fill up really quickly. Waiting until after BUC is a bit risky.) We’ll sort the money out later (but if you say you’re entering you are committed to pay up - I’ll have to pay the fees up front and don’t want to act as a bank for too long!)


OK, I’ve got Liam and Steve’s details (thanks).

Come on the rest of you…

If we get enough for two teams the tradition has been to have a “fast” team and a “slower” team. I thought it might be fun to try to create two evenly matched teams and race against each other. If nobody thinks that’s a bad idea I’ll split the known people between teams and fit the unknowns in at random. But I need your details first people!

It’s POSSIBLE to sneakily enter a team of random names and change them on the day, but as I’m going to have to pay out the entry fee I really don’t want to have to do that without some commitment.


Unicyclists have never raced against each other at Mountain Mayhem, as it’s always been a case of how many bike teams can we beat. I like the idea of having two evenly matched teams this year. Both teams would have a range of fitness’s and abilities, but ultimately be evenly matched against each other. I think this would add fun to an already fantastic weekend

I’m sure we’ll have plenty of riders wanting to take part after this weekends BMW.


Count me in if there’s still space. You should have my details Rob.
I’ve decided against the Dragon Ride, I want to do more muni this year.


I’m really looking forward to this now after BMW!
Check your PMs for my details.


Details are coming in now - thanks. I’ve got enough for nearly two teams now I think, but Connie has sent me a big list of people, so I still need more details please :slight_smile:

I’ll send off whatever I’ve got tonight to make sure it doesn’t get delayed too long, then if I get any more later I’ll deal with those separately. Don’t leave it too long though or you won’t get in!


Connie at UDC has generously offered to subsidise our entry fees, so we’ll only be paying HALF the fee. That’ll bring it down to about £25 each, so if you were thinking of entering but short of cash, now’s your chance!

(Camping is included, BTW, so the only other cost is getting yourself there and back)

Thanks Connie.


Sorry about the multiple posts.
Here’s the MM 2009 website (looks good for some freeby minty shampoo this year :))

OK, here’s what I have so far.

People confirmed and have given me their details:
Steve Colligan
Liam (domesticated ape)
Paul Royle
Mike Penton
Dan (lowlight)
Joe Baxter

People who said they’re coming but I still need details for:
Connie (sorry, need dob :o)
Pete Lofthouse
Marcus Collings (sparky)

People who may be interested (according to a discussion at BMW):
Joe McLean
Joe Marshall
Spencer (semach)

I’ll send messages to the people on the forum by whatever means I have (PMs, txt, whatever other contact I my find for them), although I think Spencer has already told me he’s not interested.

I don’t think I know Pete - is he on here? If somebody knows him please give him a prod.

If all four of the “just need details” people are in, we’re one person short of having three teams (mixed team has to be five, so we could have two all-male teams of four and a mixed team if we get one more person). Failing that, they let us run on the day with a mixed team of four last year…

We need to get the entries off ASAP, so please let me have your details so I can decide the teams. Mayhem fills up really quickly (although in the past they’ve been a bit kind to us) so we can’t afford to hang around too long.

I think I mentioned it before, but the general feeling was that it would be fun to try to create more evenly matched teams this year, so we can race against each other (in the past the unicycle teams have always been split into fast/middle/slow teams). If anybody isn’t happy with that, now’s the time to speak out!


Final plea for details (name, address, date of birth) from Beth and Pete.

I’ve sent PMs, but if anybody knows another way to contact these people (phone, email, messenger, myface, whatever) please give them a kick for me. Beth hasn’t been on here since last September, so I doubt she’ll see the PMs.

If they don’t confirm, then we’ve only got enough for two teams. I don’t want to commit to paying for another team if people are being this vague (I won’t get the money back).

I’m sending the entries off tomorrow morning at the latest. This may be your last chance (we can enter another team later but there’s a very good chance of not getting in).

Come on people, help me out a bit here. I’m going to have to pay out over £600 for this entry. OK, so I’ll get most of it back (I hope!) but that’s not the point.


OK, Pete’s just emailed me.

Now we just need to track down Beth…


I’m pretty sure Beth’s email address will be on the Lunis mailing list, I haven’t got any Lunis emails in my inbox at the moment though so I can’t check, but other Lunis (i.e. Mike or Keith) should be able to.

That’s awesome that unicyclist.co.uk are sponsoring us, I can put the money I’ll be saving towards the new 29er I’m going to get for the race instead:)

Thanks, I’ve got her email now from a couple of people, and I think she’s been texted as well - looks like she’s going to get spammed with MM reminders!

That’ll be unicycle.uk.com :wink:
But yes, very generous.

Enjoy the new 29er (did you use my old frame in the end?). I still haven’t got one (I’d only use it once or twice a year) - sticking with the 26.


I posted off my form for Solo registration yesterday, so I can’t get out of it now!

Looking forward to it…


I haven’t decided what to get yet, it will either be a Qu-Ax, a Nimbus, or a KH wheelset in your old frame. Whatever I get it will be much better than the heap of junk I rode last year anyway!

From what I remember, if the cranks stay on it’ll be better than that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, back on topic…

All the rider details came together last night, so I’ve posted the entry forms off today. Hopefully we’ll get in. We had twelve people wanting to be in teams, so I’ve made two teams of four blokes and a mixed team, which officially needs another person if we can find one before the day (Ian - you know you want to!). I’ve put a dummy person on the form to make up the numbers (my brother, who doesn’t unicycle and has no idea he’s entered MM!), so we’ll need to substitute him on the day with a real rider. Failing that, they let us get away with a four-person mixed team last year (they just said we weren’t allowed to win our class!)

The teams are as follows (but can always be shuffled around on the day if we want to):

Unicycle.com - No Brakes”
Connie (captain)
Joe Baxter
Dave (dummy rider)

Unicycle.com - No Handlebars”
Rob (capt)

“Uni - The Unicycle Magazine”
Mike (capt)

Confirmation of entries usually takes about a week. Hopefully we’ll get emails to the team captains telling us we’re in.

Once we know if we’re in we’ll sort the money out. It’ll be £25 each after UDC’s generous contribution.

I’ve TRIED to make teams that will be fairly evenly matched, but obviously I don’t know some of the “untried” riders, so I’ve sort of guessed by how young and fit I think you may be! Like I said, they’re pretty good about people altering lineups on the day, so if we change our minds about teams it’s not set in stone.

Let’s hope we all get in… and nobody even think about injuring yourself or being ill, as we’ve got no reserves :o


Nice one Rob, fingers crossed that we get in!

Thanks Rob, nice one!

As for that final rider I’m doing my Best to twist someone’s arm (aLthough he wishes to remain anonymoUs), wE’ll see how far I get…

I don’t think you’ll persuade him…