(UK) Mountain Mayhem 2009

Got the PM, thanks Rob.
I’m not sure about this again, I don’t think I’ll be fit enough, (OK who said I never have been), but I’m always happy to be a sub, just call me at home and I’ll be over in about 20 minutes.

I was thinking about this a while ago, my two sons used to be in a local scout group, who would hire out their marques and mess tents, for a nominal fee. They would erect and dismantle too.
What is the feeling about me making some enquires to see if they still do this, and if so what the cost would be.

I’m still alive, possibly might perhaps be interested in doing another one, or at least turning up to support. I’ve missed 2 or 3 years of MM, SITS (and Strathpuffer!) and barely ridden on the uni - There’s been too much great whitewater paddling over these past wet summers.
I’ve still got Pat’s number somewhere, so I can get in touch if you miss the cut on the entry.

Hi guys,

Sorry it’s taken a while to respond. I’m replying from my hospital bed, as I have just had my appendix removed.

It really is one of the great endurance events that we unicyclists can participate in and have done for a number of years now. It’s a kind of passage to unicycle man/womenhood in the UK. The ones of you that have taken on this very hard, but extremely rewarding challege in the past will all agree it was a priceless experience.

As you know, last year we had reduced numbers continuing the tradition, due to a lot of us being in Canada for Ride The Lobster. Thank you Rob for keeping unicyclists involved in the race.

Riding across the Himalayas took so much out of me last November that I’m still recovering from it. I’ll make a decission ASAP whether to take on the challenge again. It’s just difficult at the moment as my energy levels are rock bottom.

As far as the appendix thing goes, I’m doing ok. Apparently I had a large abscess which would account for the pain beforehand and the longer than normal scar I’ll now sport.


I’d love to take part if theirs a space going. I will be at BMW in 2 weeks but i think that might be too late

Only a few days untill the entries come out now.

So we have:
Marcus (sp4rky-m4rky)
Dan K (lowlight)

Sam (redwelly) - Riding Solo

Steve C
Mike were you planning to ride?

Anyone else? Did I miss anyone? would be nice to have more than one team I guess.

Steve- hope you recover soon, as the person who recruited me last minute in 2007 I hold you responsible for getting me into this ‘mayhem’:wink:

Dan K

I’ll be there for sure as a rider… I need a fitness target (my training for MM and BMW started this afternoon!)

That looks like we’ve got five people wanting to join a team. AFAIK pairs aren’t allowed at Mayhem, so we need another three people or another one of us has to go solo.

I’ve heard from Tue and he’s not going to be fit this year (having surgery to sort out an old knee injury).

There was somebody who was keen last year but was just too young… I wonder if he’s still interested.


Actually I think that young guy was Marcus, so that doesn’t help (he’s already on the list).


Looks like I’m free that weekend - I would love to give it a go, or am I just making up the numbers? :roll_eyes:

Put me on the list… anyone going to BMW encourage me its the right decision! I think its about time I did something like this.


Well i’m willing to ride solo, have been thinking about it the last week a bit anyway. I dont expect to match anywhere near the pace, or number of laps as Sam but should be able to put in a fairly decent performance this time around.

I’m sure i’ll regret it half way up the first climb, but thats all part of the fun isnt it.

Just seen Joe’s post- Guess if we found two more we could make a second team after all. Kind of feel like staying solo now i’ve commited though :roll_eyes:

I didn’t regret doing Sleepless solo last year - my main aim was to get to the end without dying, not to get a heroic lap count, but the mud was so bad (even from past 24hr experience) that I really want to try again this year and hope for better weather. I think two solos a year would be a bit silly (queue Sam to announce he’s doing Sleepless as well…), so I’m looking to do Mayhem in a team if poss.

If you feel like it though, go for it - just make sure you’ve got somebody to take you home afterwards! It was actually a much better (i.e. less masochistic) experience than I was expecting.

On the other hand, it would be nice to have two teams so we can have a bit of a race…


I’m sure we can get a few signed, written pledges from some drunks this weekend…

I would like to do Mountain Mayhem, dont have any plans for June. As Mike said i am sure that we can convince a few more at BMW this weekend

I’m definitely up for this, I’ve even got permission from the Powers That Be (aka Laura) already:)

I went to the gym at work today, first time I’ve done any exercise for months, so that can be the start of my training! Our baby is due in April so I’ll have had plenty of practice of getting no sleep by June too:p

Where is the race, in the grounds of eastnor castle around the off road courses of something?

I’ll be riding at Mountain Mayhem this year - count me in.

Could I ask someone (Rob or Dan) to organise it this year? Things are rather up-side-down at home at the moment with both my parents needing care, loosing my job and now recovering from an operation. Energy levels are rock-bottom still after returning from Tibet/Nepal, but I know this won’t last.

Would be good if we could get two teams competing against each other - something we’ve never done at MM before.

Wendy and her sister will be there to help support as usual. We’ll also bring the ‘large’ tent (for sun shade of course).

I’m sure Wendy will sort us all out with bacon butties and hot-dogs in the mornings as usual.

Rob/Dan, let us know if you’re OK sorting things out?

Steve :smiley:

Yes around the grounds and through the woods, up and down the hills up to 10mile laps. Some years this has included a short strip of the 4*4 course. Although this can become virtually unrideable (by bike) if raining.

The last year I competed the course went across more grass fields, singletrack really suffers with this volume of riders even if dry.

Just to warn you min age to compete is 18.

No MM for me this year

I have somewhat foolishly signed up for the Wales Dragon Ride instead. Mr Wakeling will make it look easy. Mr Wiggins will grit his teeth and keep going. I will wonder what madness possessed me, and spend the entire day wondering where all the pubs are.


Steve - it’ll be good to see you back even if you’re not on top form this year. Just come along for the atmosphere and ride a couple of laps. Sorry to hear about the other stuff BTW - hope things get sorted out soon.

I think Dan has volunteered himself for organising this year by starting this thread :wink:
But if he doesn’t want to do it I don’t mind, as long as people get their details/signatures/money to me promptly this time (!)

Looks like we could be on for two teams :slight_smile:


Good to hear your riding Steve.

I sent an email to the contact address on the website a couple of days ago asking if they could reserve a couple of teams for us untill we got sorted out, but didnt recieve a reply.

With BMW this weekend we can probably recruit a few more riders, Beth has also shown an interest. Maybe if we get everyone to post on this thread on Monday. As for whos going to sort this rabble out, Rob if you able do it that would be great, I have a really busy couple of weeks coming up and shouldnt be concentrating on this stuff really.

I promise to help out a bit closer to the time maybe, like finding substitutes when people drop out or something.