[UK] Manchester ride anyone?

whos up for a ride in manchester somtime? seeming as the summer for aorund here seems to have arrived, what you reckon? I would like ot get the chance to meet some fellow unicyclist’s this summer

cheers, matt

im up for a ride any time next week if thats any good for you

Aye saturday good for you guys??? the 11th that is. depends on if my uni is up for it its been makin noises again,think its jst the spokes tho, should be fine.


cant do saturday, i can do sunday or next sataurday.

any time in the week aswell.

bye bye Dale

i can do fridays, saterdays and sundays

I’m in London this coming weekend I’m afraid. And besides, my knee’s a bit dodgy at the minute. Trying to lay off the trials for a bit.

In can come if its on a saturday or a sunday.


How does this sunday sound for you all?

sundays good for me i think

10 outside trainstation?

bye bye

yeah, if i can wake up for that time

Yeh 10 sounds good to me.


I may pop along then, one of u PM me ur Mobile number and i’ll turn up.u meetin outside piccadilly or victoria station?eithers good for me.


im pritty sure we are meeting outside piccadilly mate

yeah 10 is good, which station’s which? is victoria the one near urbis :thinking:

i dunno if i will be there now, but ill try my best (y)

Sorry can’t make it going to my mates house

So is no one going?

thats rubbish, im not going on my own!

bye bye