UK magura break

Hey guys, anyone got a magura break setup they no long need and are willing to sell?
I need everything bar the brake clamps so let me know if you have any parts at all!!


Oh Andy, why did’nt you ask before? :slight_smile:

If im honest, I have no idea why I didn’t ask, but I didn’t think I would need them till I went for a big ride today and realised how hard it was on my legs to go down lots of hills!

I’ve got a spare one I could part with. It’s a yellow “RaceLine” HS33. The yellow paint’s faded in places, but it’s presentable as long as you don’t need it to look new. It needs building up with a hose and bleeding, but if I sold it I’d obviously do that first.

The blocks are salmon coloured ones, bit worn but work fine (I used the other half of the brake set on my 29er).

I’d sell it for £25 plus postage. If you’re interested I’ll build it up and make sure it’s working OK (but I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be). If so, let me know how long you want the hose.

If you’ve already got some clamps, then the only other thing you’ll need is something to mount the lever on. If you’ve got a 22.2mm seatpost then a bike bar-end works, otherwise something like a KH brake lever holder under the saddle, or some sort of touring handle if it’s a road machine.


I’m afraid I’ve beaten you to it Rob…
All done

Sounds good, but Mike beat you to it, although my mate will probably want one so I’ll ask him tonight and let you know.


Hey Rob,

My mate def needs a brake, so think we’ll be going for your one if thats ok? He has nothing atm, so needs a hand, brake, mount, spooner and clamps
although I’m not sure there is a place for the clamps to go on his frame, any tips on modifying his frame to add the brakes?

OK, let me know how long you (or your mate) needs the hose and I’ll build it up (or just tell me what wheel size it’s for and how high the saddle is - obviously it’s the distance between the saddle and the brake mounts that’s important). Most people wrap the hose once round the seatpost anyway to keep it away from snagging branches, so the length isn’t actually too critical.

When it’s cleaned up and tested I’ll send you some pics - it needs building up anyway so I don’t mind if you change your mind later, I’ll either keep it as a spare or post it here for sale. I’ve only got the brake though - you’ll need to find clamps, lever mount and spooner elsewhere (you don’t really need a spooner, although they are nice - you can use it without or make your own if you’re trying to save money).


Thanks Rob,

Its a 29" wheel and he his 6’4" I think, so the saddle is pretty high.
I’m sure Mike can help with the mount, clamps and spooner, just have no mounts on the frame, but I can bodge that up to make it work anyway!

I’ll ask my mate if he wants a spooner as he’ll be spending the money for it.

OK, I’ll build it up with a similar length hose to my 29er then - perhaps a little bit longer (I’m something like 6’2"). I’ll let you know when it’s done and post a couple of pics (should be able to do it one evening this week).

Is this a road 29er or xc? If he’ll be using a touring handle and mounting the lever on that he’ll probably want a longer hose.


He’s pretty stubborn so doubt he’ll use a handle, but does want a brake at least! its just a road 29er so its not too wide!

Thanks mate, prob will get it after pay day (in 10 days) and try and fit it for him! He’s in no rush for them as he has just changed his cranks so wants to get used to them before going onto the brake!

I got my spare brake built up today and bled with blue Magura fluid. It works perfectly, nice and smooth. Like I said, the paint is a bit tatty and has faded on one side of the lever, but it’s generally quite presentable. I put the other half of this set (which if anything is more chipped than this one) on my new 29er and it doesn’t look out of place.

I made the hose a couple of inches longer than the one on my 29er, to allow for the extra rider height and any other adjustments.

Some pics are attached - not that good I’m afraid, it’s very manky and misty here today!