: UK: Magura brake

Has anyone got a magura brake they are willing to part with? I have found that for steep downhill i need one and I don’t have enough money to go and buy a new one for £60, and then buy the clamps, and a new seatpost, and possibly an extended lever.

I am looking around the mark of £40 and more if someone has an extended lever and/or a seatpost with brake lever attachment.



Keep bidding on them on ebay and before too long you’ll get one for a nice price. If you buy a pair from a bike you can sell the other brake, the evolution mounts and boosters (if they’re included) for nearly as much as the set cost you if you buy well. I got an HS33 that way last year that ended up costing me £4 (£45 for the brake set off a bike, sold one brake for £25, sold the evo mounts for £11, booster for £5). Of course you’ve got to buy the hardware to mount the brake on the unicycle, but it still works out pretty inexpensive - you should get within your £40 budget even if you buy all the other stuff new.


BTW - you don’t need to get a new seatpost. Just get a KH brake lever mount that fits under the saddle handle bolts.


found these on ebay , might be of some help :slight_smile:

That’s a bit expensive but I will try looking around ebay…

Good idea about just selling the other brake…

Yeah but my seatpost has about 1.5" in the frame cos it’s been cut down in the past so I really need a new one anyway…