Uk Looking for a 29"-36" Unicycle

Hey guys anyone got a 29"-36" they wish to sell to me. Based in the North, but have parents in the south so can pick up. Send me pics/offers of what you got


Are you after anything specific?
I’ve a Coker V2 frame and a UDC short person’s frame but only one wheel set that I’m about to sell.
I’ve also an unused skinny 700c unicycle collecting dust.
PM your email address and more information I’ll send over some photos.

i have a 36 unicycle that i dont use anymore in good conditon but the seats front handle in a little scratched. and it also has a tour handle on it.

sorry the links dont work here they are

wow im not very good at remembering wat i need to put in each post for more details send me your email and ill send pictures and so on