UK Law

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I believed that the definition of
‘cycle’ given in the 1994 Traffic Signs Regulations (which included
‘unicycle’), referred only to that particularly piece of legislation and
was therefore irrelevant to other sections of law. But I wasn’t sure
without checking the document again.

Well, I’ve just discovered that there was a new Traffic Signs
Regulations SI in 2002, and I’ve found it on the HMSO website:

The definition again includes ‘unicycle’ and is in a section that
“In these Regulations unless the context otherwise requires”.

So the definition does refer only to this particular piece of

I’d still like to see the full text of the 1835 Highway Act, which I
suspect would make it illegal to ride a unicycle on the pavement (US
sidewalk). I also still haven’t got round to looking up the relevant
European legislation, which apparently makes exemptions for small

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
Why I like OE6 -
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

Interestingly, under UK law, it is also illegal to:
steal my scooter
set fire to it
steal the remains before the salvage company can collect it
kick down my neighbour’s fence
throw stones at my other neighbour’s window
slash the tyres on my car
drop vast quantities of litter and builder’s rubble in the carpark where I practise unicycling

However, the law turns a blind eye to these minor transgressions, so I guess similar tolerance will be shown towards the odd errant unicyclist on the pavement.