UK: Lands End to John o'Groats 7 day record attempt, Sept 2009

They started at 9:05 this morning in good weather and a gentle southwesterly wind to help them along. Pretty excited, the pair of them. Here is a picture from the start line…

Good luck

lets try again

We’ve safely made it as far as Okehampton. Roger and Sam are getting cleaned up and I’m about to sort through the 100 or so photos I’ve taken today, I’ll post a couple later.

Well, that was intersting… what a day. If Sam says it was not hard, it was! It was brutal! We had 2000m climb and a 17mph head wind…

Good day though.

Do check out Sams Blog, there is a map that shows where we are… well it is updated from my Iphone when ever we stop.

There should also be a link to the Garmin data for the ride.

All good stuff.



Here is the link for the Garmin information:


Well done guys, looking forward to more updates and of course pictures.

Meanwhile, a friend and I are attempting LEJOG on ungeared 36ers with no support vehicle. Where you are right now, it took us four days to get to!

I think that we’re doing pretty well for unexplored territory (to our knowledge, nobody has done this unsupported before) but you guys are doing just amazing. Good luck, and keep it up!

Hopefully we’ll meet you as you pass us tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Everyone be careful. There was a LEJOG bicyclist killed on the A30 only the other day.

We got stopped by a police man yesterday and he told us about the bike rider. We have survived the a30. We are now at Taunton tesco getting more calories

Got buzzed by a mad young lady driving a car about an hour ago… Hi amanda, nice seeing you thanks for the encouragment. Barbar and crew also called by to say hello.

Hmmm food is here.


Roger called me about half an hour ago asking for advice on the best route into/past Bristol. I wish I’d had more notice, I’d have ridden out with maps and accompanied them for a few miles. What could be better to help a pair of unicyclists get noticed than someone riding alongside on a recumbent?

I don’t think they believe in giving people much notice. Last night I had a phone call from Paul R at 7pm, saying Sam and Rog were on their way into town. I got to centre of Okehampton* at 7.20, they arrived at 7.22pm, I hadn’t even had time to get my camera out, hence no pic from me last night.

  • I live 4 miles away and was on my bike

Ok, we are at the Severn Bridge Service Station… Hard day. More to come, but here is are the garmin link for today.


Nice one guys - all being well I’ll see you tomorrow evening in Warrington.

BTW, you’re still both barking mad!

Good luck tomorrow and for the rest of the week.


Not much time to post tonight. Roger and Sam are already in bed in preparation for a 5:30am start tomorrow morning, luckily the hotel is on the route so they can start from the front door leaving me to pack the van and catch them up.

My favorite photo from today, taken at 6:49am,

Brilliant work. An astounding adventure. Good luck for the remaining “few” miles.

According to the Garmin link though, you managed a maximum speed of 44.6mph. :wink:


According to the blog, they started out in Monmouthshire going S-West, rather than North. With a 145 mile target I sincerely hope they discovered “the error of their ways” quite quickly.
Going to be a long day to Warrington.

It was 12 miles of mistake. We are going ok but my body hurts all over! It is going to be a long day.

Is that as a result of breaking the news to Sam that the longest day of riding was now going to be 12 miles longer?

Anyway, good work so far. Well done.


Bummer. I’ve made similar cock-ups on bike tours (one I remember even further off-course than yours, and mostly down hill :(). I know the feeling.

Hope you still manage to make the target. Just think, it’ll seem funny when you look back on it in a few days’ time.

Keep it up.


PS - I hope the wind’s a bit more favourable where you are - we’ve got quite a strong North-Easterly here that certainly isn’t what you want! Blew me nicely into work though :slight_smile:

Only 54 to go today. :slight_smile: the wind is cruel and we still have it. When we made the mistake we were flying!