:UK Koxx Orange Bud

I have my heart set on a Koxx orange bud 20" trials but it seems it might slightly be out of my reach.

Anyone wanna sell one?

I might just have to save up for a few more weeks…


Hey again.

I’ve got an orange bud wheelset with a nimbus black frame and seat clamp on if you’re interested at all…

I’ve also got cranks (KH moment or qu ax ISIS) that could go on it

So you’d just need a seat and post…


Whats the price?

i’m not sure… i’ll have to work it out.

Shipping to Montana might be pretty huge though…

I’ll look at though :slight_smile:

You got any pictures and how much you looking for with UK shipping?
Sounds interesting.


I’m PM-ing you Mowcius :slight_smile:

Ok, I have a unicycle sorted out now :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking :stuck_out_tongue: