UK Ideally - KH20 Trials - Mad4one 32h 19" wheel - KH 19" wheel - Kh26 frame

I have a KH Long Neck Trials that I wasn’t planning on selling but it gets little use now so for the right money or a decent trade with cash for items mentioned below.

I have two wheels for it the stock KH19 rim and hub and a really light 32h mad4one hub and trials rim so depending what you want I

could either do you both wheels or one of your choice (The 32h trials wheel will be more) or sell one of the wheels separately.

It is good condition, the frame has scrapes but no dents (it is a trials) and hasn’t had that much use, I only bought it 6 months

ago but got a 24" for big street so don’t use it

KH20 Long Neck Frame
KH Street Gel saddle
Short KH post
KH single bolt clamp
137mm KH moment cranks
Twisted PC pedals

Wheel option

KH hub
KH rim
Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyre


Mad4one 32h cromo hub
Halo black spokes and nipples
Onza Pro Diamond Rear 19" rim
Monty Race Lite tyre
The wheel cost be Cost me about £260 alone

I also have a KH26 frame (wide one but no disc mount) no dents but paint wear on fork legs

So what do I want

32h Mad4One wheel and tyre £180
36h KH wheel £100
KH20 frame, saddle, post, cranks, pedals £100 (pick your wheel)
KH26 frame £50

Al prices EXCLUDING postage to be paid by purchaser

I am however after a 36" wheel, Triton 36 frame or maybe a Triton 29, or anyone with a schlumpf knocking about I may be interested in that (all these with cash etc).

So hit me up with some offers and see what we can do :slight_smile:


Very nice =)

Would you be interested by a 26in Surly Conundrum frame (for a trade) ?

No thanks as interesting as the Surly frame is as you probably read in my mad ramblings in the main forum I am looking to go big wheel crazy in some form or another.

Thanks again


I have seen a couple of posts for sure.

The Surly isn’t short of big wheel craziness (26x4.8 or 29x3.0 or maybe slightly less) but for sure not the 36 nirvana :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with your quest.

Question: would you consider selling just the long neck frame ? Or the Long neck + post + saddle ?

Possibly I am not sure if shipping the to the US is going to make it very cost effective for you. I will keep your offer in mind if I don’t get any local offers if that’s ok :slight_smile:

I had the same thought after clicking on send. There is no rush and there might be a drawback on the shipping (even though I can manage to have it send to a friend in France to cut down cost).

So for now, forget about me and we can discuss it later if everything isn’t sold yet :slight_smile:

Depending on shipping costs the KH26 frame has provisionally sold

PM sent

PM sent


Damn…damn …damn… too late as usual :frowning:
but if the 26er sale falls through I am 100% interested at £50 plus postage to Orkney.

Good luck with the sale anyway…

I feel for you I missed a new 24" Impact Gravity frame by hours so had to buy new for the sake of a few minutes of being too slow :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be sortinmg out shipping cost on the kh26 today so if the chap thinks they are too exspensive (outside of UK) I will sell it to you but will let you know either way.

KH20 Uni and Standard KH wheel provisionally SOLD

Just the awesome 32 hole light weight mad4one wheel and Monty Race Light tyre, save yourself 3-400g on your trials uni :stuck_out_tongue:

The best stays still until the end :smiley:

A nice wheelset for sure ! I really need to grow a cash tree in my backyard… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do can I have a clipping to grow my own :slight_smile:

KH20 and KH wheel SOLD

Just the Mad4one wheel left :slight_smile:

Image of my KH26 frame built up to show the paint wear on the legs from my awesome calves :stuck_out_tongue:


You should consider shaving then if you have calves with sanding capabilities :stuck_out_tongue:

Awwwwww I want the M41 wheel!

Stupid shipping costs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Feisty,

do you have the measurements and weight of the Mad4One wheelset for people to estimate the shipping cost (as there is already your city & country under your avatar) ?

Weighs 1.95kg (1000g wheel, 800g tyre, 195g tube)

Shipping seems crazy to the US/Canada as it is over 2kg with packing so around £60!! with Parcel Farce I mean Force. Anyone know of anyone cheaper?


And with a package size around 22x22x6 inches for 6 lbs :confused:

Require then being in the UK or having it sent to a closer place (maybe the royal mail do not have too ridiculously expensive rates to France or another nearby country…).

OKay I give up. UPS website refuses to give me a quote and Fedex gives me insane numbers (btw $75 and $115).

This nicewheelset is meant to be owned by a local fellow or a wealthy fellow.

That was about the price I was getting.

Another option is to remove the inner tube as that will get it to 1800g and with packing hopefully < 2kg which makes it £35 postage I believe and I am sure you ahave a 24" tube at home :wink: