UK Hockey: EMU Summer Sizzler 28th June 2008

East Midlands unicyclists are proud to announce

The Summer Sizzler Hockey Tournament

UK Unicycle Hockey League Tournament
Hosted By East MIdlands Unicyclists

Darley Fields, Chester Green Derby

11.00-6pm Saturday 28th June (pitch avaliable for warm up from 10.00)

This will be part of the British Unicycle Hockey League. There is space for 8 teams only. Places will be allocated to the first 8 teams registered. If 8 league teams are not pre-registered, we will fill the remaining places with scratch teams. Please contact us if you are interested in playing in a scratch team.

Games will be 10 minutes duration with a 2-minute turn around.

£6 per person.

Post Tournament food is included in the cost.

Car parking is available at the pitch.
BY Prior arrangement we will be able to either supply directions from the train station (about 10 minutes walk away) or pick people up.

The tournament will be played outside on a rubberised pitch in hopefully glorious sunshine. For safety purposes, plastic pedals are considered essential and unicycles without will not be allowed.

Please register by email initially to to confirm your place.

More details to follow as they become available. See you there


That’s Glastonbury weekend so, although I’m hoping for glorious sunshine too, I think you’re out of luck on the weather front.

could be doable im not sure what swums plans are, or mine to be honest i have nothing marked on my work calender but i feel something may come up

Which teams are in?

(Probably) the last league tournament of the year - with the Lunis and Emus neck and neck at the top of the league this tournament is the decider. So if you’re not in yet, you jolly well should be.

Plus we have the best pitch, guaranteed sunshine* and you can even climb a tree while you’re waiting for your game.


*weather permitting

I’ve not been able to work out how to get there by car… what’s the post code or address? Google & Streetmap need to be told where Darley Fields are…

You can get there using the postcode DE1 3SA and turn into either of the obvious car parks on Old Chester Road.


what happened?
I spent 6 hours looking at RTL photos :frowning:
only around 1,000 out of 8,970 left!

Well the Penguins won a game!..just. I think that is all there is to know really:p

Thanks to EMU’s for a great tournament, providing food afterwards was ace too.

Sorry its taken me a day to get round to typing these up. So we had a glorious day, 7 enthusiastic teams to make the final tournament of the 2007-08 UK hockey league season a roaring success. Prior to the tournament the LUNI’s and the EMU’s were tied at the top of the league with a number of other battles being fought throughout the rankings. So to cut a long story short at the end of 7 hours of hockey. The LUNI’s topped the tournament and so have clinched the seasons league (by the skin of their teeth :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’ll type up the full positions later but If I remember it was Luni’s first, EMU second, Tholthorpe & Scratch (joint 3rd) and then my memory gets a bit vague.

So many thanks to everyone for coming and making the day a great success, huge congratulations to the LUNI’s, prevailing after a hard fought and long season and bring on the 2008/09 season - we’re planning on hosting a refereeing training/ scratch tournament towards the back end of August so that we can get a consistent level in the refereeing so that should be more sun soaked hockey :slight_smile: oh and yes as Dan said, Southampton did properly win their first match in a league tournament so well done to them.


Roland (& the rest of the organising EMU’s)

And after a bit more “technical wizzardry” heres the table. The first results column includes scratch for tournament positions, the second second doesn’t for league positions. On thing I forgot to mention was the stick breakage attrition rate, in one game I believe Sheffield - Southampton I think that five sticks were broken :roll_eyes: and probably two or three more over the course of the day - must have been weakended by the glorious weather.

And I can only apologise for the atrocious formatting.