UK greats

Ok so we all know about the uni greats in the US, Canada and Austrailia** as they all have established “amazing” riders with there own movies ect. Now is is just me or is the UK lacking some standout riders pushing the boundries in the sport. Maybe im out an out wrong or just half right i dunno but what do u think.

I say, old chap - isn’t that like, well, dash it all, showing off and all that?

Not for we reserved Brits I feel.

couldn’t have said it better myself old bean. I mean it’d be dashed undignified to be caught on one of those moving picture mejigs on a one wheeled chariot, without ones plus fours and cane.

yours (in dignity),


i do say old chaps, i think you have it spot on, what kind of recreational pastime requires one to ballance on a singal wheel? it seems rather un-gentalman like.
im rather pleased that we Brits do not have such a citizen who takes part in such activities.

good day


Man I’d be so happy if you guys actually talk like that. If i ever go to the UK what are the chances of me hearing someone talk like that?



In reply to your question, I think it is mainly just down to the number of people who actually ride.
I’m sure there is a much greater number of people ride in the US/Canada than in any country/ies, meaning more people will be ‘pushing the boundries’.

I know of really good UK riders who are always trying something new, but more times than not, an american has beat them to it. lol

I would love to me ‘pushing the boundries’ but I dont have enough time atm! :frowning: Must get out and practice!


hehee, nahh, we dont tlak like this, its only the people like the queen that talk like this and maby some old snotty lords who live in big manor houses in the country side. , however it is quite spiffing to hear how the americans impersonate the brits on television shows, if the actor is american you can bet they they will talk in a rather spiffing manner, being percise in their grammer and vioce articulation and what not, rather silly if you ask me old chap. lol

I am given to understand that as long as one is correctly attired whilst in the pursuit of one wheeled perambulation, it can be a perfectly acceptable means of transport for a gentleman. Upon the advice of my tailor I generally dress with jodhpurs and flannels, substiting my usual top hat for a more practical trilby. I am also informed that the sailing shoe I employ is considered an acceptable compromise to comfort.


Mr P. Poshington Esq. Bsc, Msc, Itv, Boac

Re: UK greats

“darchibald” <> wrote in
> Man I’d be so happy if you guys actually talk like that. If i ever go to
> the UK what are the chances of me hearing someone talk like that?
> David
A few do talk similarly to that: I have met a few, although they tend NOT
to move in my social circles. However a funny incident: I had to meet
Lord Bromley-Davenport a few years ago: Huge estate, house like a red
Buckingham Palace but probably bigger, and I met him in his kitchen. He
was well over 70, maybe 80, and had that perfect “accent” but was dressed
in really old clothes with gravy from his previous meal dripping down his
Ah how the aristocracy do live. So if you ever get to meet the Queen, or
more probably the Duke of Edinburgh, would you check for gravy and egg yolk
please and report back.


I think partly it’s because the style of riding that is easiest to film is street and that’s not so big over here yet. Also, people in the UK are way less competitive than in the US, like the way our conventions don’t have any serious competitions at them, I guess that makes a difference.

The other big thing in the US is that there are four or five people making really good films, which obviously create name riders, whereas here filming just isn’t done so professionally if at all.

I’d say there are a few riders who are really way out in the UK though, off the top of my head, Simon (trials simon), Aaron and Roger Davies are really very good at trials, muni and distance/speed unicycling respectively, they’re people who ride stuff that’s at least as difficult as most stuff on the films.


i’m reminded of a comment made by the Rowan Atkinson character in Ben Elton’s “Thin Blue Line”
they’re provodong security at a club football match and a constable asks him a very simmilar question and he responds along the lines of “Us brits excel at being mediocre”
or something to that effect

To me it seems like America, Canada, and Japan are the only ‘big names’ in unicycling and none of the rest really stand out. Although of course, there are plenty of quite well known riders from the ‘other’ countries - Yoggi, Roger, Simon, that UK rider that’s really good at freestyle (who’s name I really should be able to remember…ah, Trevor! that’s the one), and you Joe. :slight_smile:


i like to think i am pushing the boundaries of the sport.

i almost certainly am not though.

Push your own boundaries

Fred, there are more ways to skin a cat you know but the important thing is to keep pushing your own boundaries and let the sport take care of itself!!

Whilst I am posting, can I just point out in case there is some confusion that when Andrew says ‘Simon’, he is referring to Simon Mc Andrew NOT me. I am only an OK ish beginner.




If you go to BUC and the uni meets, there are one or two faces you will always see, names that always crop up, there are people pushing the boundaries (i for one am pushing the boundaries of falling off), but unless you know them personally, the chances are you wont have heard of them. the trouble with brits is no one seems to want to be filmed! i have been trying to put together the uk dvd for a while, but everytime i ask for volunteers, no one steps forward, for example lucas, british freestyle champ '03 (if you read this get in touch) i met him at a southwest uni meet a month or two back, he lives with in driving distance of me, but i asked him to do some filming…and no reply! so come on guys, pm me if you wanna make a name for yourself… and ill let you into a little secret if your worried you arent good enough, the camera and clever editing can make any rider seem far better than they are.

as for all this spiffing talk, im lead to believe that unicycling developed from the posh lords showing off to their posh ladies by doing front wheel wheelies on their penny farthings… how true this is i dont know, but it seems as good an explanation as any…

I’m not up on the UK unicycling scene, but I’ll vote for Roger Davies.

I think it originally started off by hardcore cyclists showing off their front-wheel riding to other hardcore cyclists, at cycling places like clubs and meets. Clearly these guys had to have money to afford the bikes, but don’t know if they were of the posh upper classes, or just regular blokes that could afford bicycles.

John, John, John.
NOT blokes, surely they were chaps. see

for the difference.

Chaps might well have been among the early unicyclists. Certainly there were some german chaps racing on large wheel unis early in the 20th Century who to judge from the pics had “lost the back wheel” to gain the speed.They still had the handle bars and so had to ride standing up.


a fair rival to the chap magazine:

Hours of hilarity and high jinks.


Ha Ha just found this thread so thought i’d try and re kindle it with my opinion that we are a catch up country! we will get there eventually, every one else does it first the 6 months to a year later we will almost have it for example flip tricks it took us Ukers ages to get a crankflip and even now i think theres only 3 or 4 but we will get there, i can’t wait to see the standard at unicon its gonna be so great.

Cheers Lucas

Yup our level is moving up, with new talented riders :slight_smile: we will rule the earth!!! MUHAHAHAHA joking :stuck_out_tongue: