UK- Flipside Magazine (March issue) - Who's in the picture?

In the current March 2007 issue of the Flipside magazine is an article on crazy sports, including underwater hockey. The “weirdest” they said was mountain unicycling. The background to the article was a fantastic picture of a muni-ist mid-air with high mountains some distance behind.

The mountains weren’t in the UK. So who was the cyclist? AspenMike?

Jerry Attrick

<quote>Flipside is a new magazine for teenagers covering everything from music and films to sport and adventure.</quote>

Is it possible to post the picture/article?

I would, but for the small problem of copyright.

I’m going to contact the magazine instead, since obviously none of this crowd has seen the magazine. I just expected someone in the UK to have seen the mag, it being one for the cool, techno youths that may inhabit this virtual space.

Ho hum.

Jerry Attrick

I wouldn’t be surprised if the mag hasn’t nicked it from a web page without permission.

So how did you get to see it :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t be buying it (not being a cool, techno youth myself) but if I see it in the shop I’ll take a peak.

UK- Flipside Magazine (March issue) - Who’s in the picture?

They may well have nicked it. I’ve sent an enquiry to the magazine already. We wait for a reply.

My father-in-law paid for the subscription for my cool, techno youth kids.

It may be only a subscription magazine, but it’s full of really interesting stuff - even for us oldies. The website has interesting extra articles not in the magazine.

Jerry Attrick

if i was u i wouldnt bother much witht eh copyrights, but ur probably a better person than me :P:D

but the weirdest sport… awesome :smiley:

Being here a while it seams normal to me! :smiley:

I’m on my neighborhood swim team and after we’re done with our workout we play 3 games: sharks and minnows, underwater hockey, and underwater football.