UK/Europe 32 Hole hub

Does anyone have a 32h 100mm non-disc ISIS hub for sale?

It would cost me about £57 inc postage to get one from
UDC UK would cost about £10 less but are currently out of stock.
Mad4one prices are too mad for me.

Is there anywhere else that I’m missing?

[I bought a pair of used Velocity Dually rims for my b*ke. I’m putting one on the front and keeping the rear skinny so I get to build a 29er uni!]

Municycle in Germany has them on stock. Not sure about their shipping cost to UK.

Ask Alan Hogan in Scotland, he built a 32" with Walmart bike Wheel so may be as some spare hub

Thanks guys. I’d seen Municycle already but it works out £10 more to order from there versus waiting for UDC UK.

I’m pretty sure the Kent 32 wheel was 48 spoke and the Nimbus is 36 spoke.
32 inch rims with 32 spokes probably don’t exist!

Yes, the Kent rim is 48 spoke (I have one). They don’t actually make the best unicycle wheels either, because they are relatively narrow, compared to most other uni wheels. (Not bad, mind you, I’ve got many hundreds of miles on mine. Just not necessarily the best.)

I was in the opposite direction, Michael over 36 spokes