UK End to End (LEJOG) 2000 km journey + Song



GPX tracks:

Ahh, you literally rode right by my house and I missed you! (Yes I spied your GPX and spotted myself) :smiley:

Awesome ride, I’ve been wanting to do LEJOG one day. What gear did you pack? Did you stay in hotels or tent it every night?

Gratulation Hans!

Wahnsinns Tour und tolles Video!

@piece maker: as i know Hans usually stays in hotels, like that he doesn‘t have to carry to much

Wow, great ride. Congratulations! Really nice video and music, i love it.


Respect!!! That‘s exactly, what I‘m want to do, when I‘m old.
Uuuups, I’m not that far away.

UK End to End (LEJOG)

Congrats to this awesome ride.
This is one of the best travel videos I have seen and it makes me very proud of my country!
Also, your friend is a good singer!