UK DVD filming schedule

OK, after a couple of false starts and a good couple of days filming with joe last year, Ive finally gathered a few more riders and this summer we’ll be finishing the filming for the UK vid…

so for now: next sunday - 30th of april, provided the lights good IVe got one or two riders coming to plymouth…

so open invitation to anyone who wants to ride street or trials or just come hang around…

plymouth train station by 10am…

anyone who wants any more info or anything can get me at:

I’d be up for doing sumfink…Wrong end of the country though. I live near-ish manchester.

I am very interested. I am a street/tirals rider and that seems to fit the bill.

I have added you.


Hey dudes!
I would love to come but its gonna be too expensive for me to get down. Plus i am rubbish, so i would be no good to film anyway! If you come filming round my way (londonish) i would come down for the day to hang out and chill with everyone.

Rock on!

Sounds like a good idea, but personally, it doesn’t sound like it will be a fully inclusive uk video. I myself, would be honoured to take part in this video, but there is no way i could get to plymouth, just as I am sure others who live far away will feel left out from this project.
Go for it guys, it better be good though :stuck_out_tongue: you’re carrying the torch for british riders, don’t forget that.



I will try and get there north but i am unicycling on the saturday in a parade and on the monday at cycle circus which you should come to and film because a bunch of us will be there and there will be a northshore couse of sorts

if not i will see you on the sunday hopefully

Why not travel up to Bristol? :wink:

hey kids… seems to be some confusion here… this is just the first (well second - there was one out newcastle way january last year) filming date so far… Its just in plymouth for now cos my cars decommisioned while it gets the latest round of modifications…
theres already an exeter date to be arranged and a mount hawke date to be arranged…
anybody who wants a filming date in their locality needs to contact me, but they need to be able to sort out a couple of local riders and be able to find some floor space for myself and a rider or two who i bring, to kip on overnight while we’re filming…

oh yeah and im particularly interested in anyone who rides street/park bc wheel cos im getting a bit lonely and want some one to ride with/film

I’ll be running round buc with my camera and a fair few people know who i am if you want to grab me there and sort something out or just show me your best tricks ill have plenty of tape… oh yeah and buc footage is going to be on too

right, hope thats cleared a few bits up…