UK: Dalby Forest Monthly MUni Meetup!

A monthly MUni meet up at Dalby Forest (North Yorkshire, UK) is looking very likely. Any interested people on here?

There is a ride taking place next Sunday (28th November) and there has been a lot of interest in this - Please see the UUU forum for more info.

There are a variety of different tracks that can be ridden and ‘Dixon’s Hollow’ skills park which is a great bit of fun but possibly a bit busy with bikes in the summer.

There is also some northshore and some skinnies around (youtube has some videos) which would be great fun in the dry for more trials-type riders.

Not sure if there will be a December ride owing to the lateness of the November ride and the fact that it’s hard to get away from relatives around Christmas!
Next ride (after the 28th Nov) will therefore probably be in January.

So… Any interest?

I know that people are travelling from a variety of different places so if you think you’re a bit of a long way away, just post and someone else might be travelling your way or might be close and could car share.