*UK* Chicksands, Bedfordshire - 20/04/2008 *UK*

The 20th :frowning: no can do. I wont be able to make it then, I have to sail because I have already comited to a race series and Im winning so far :slight_smile:

I will be defiantly there.
(That’s my defiant face)
I’ll try and pesuade Snowblader to come along too.

Neil / Craig / Steve / Aaron / Leo / Edd / Sean

have been granted the day off- just have to sort out how to get there and back, and to purchase a new tyre… i’ll go on a 19/20, but not with my bald tyre- that doesnt seem too prudent.

Me and Leo can pick you up from yours, Letchworth is pretty close to Chicksands anyway mate :slight_smile:

Under a week to go.

Note this http://www.chicksandsbikepark.co.uk/?p=74

There is a race on that day so it’s going to be busy, especially car parking.

9.30-10.00 is what we are aiming for. It’s likely that if we are not in the carpark we will be already there at the northshore stuff. I think it took perhaps 10-15 mins to get there from the carpark? Can’t be sure however.

Anyone checked the weather yet!

I am planning on getting to the Sandy Lane carpark for 10.00. The ride to the Northshore is only about 10 minutes, if you go the right way! Its a fairly gentle ride Gk, which is more XC, so I think you will enjoy that part.

If its wet, it won’t hurt as much when we fall off!


sorry guys but I’m not going to make it, got no ride.

unfortunately i’ve not been able to sort out a new tyre, and i won’t get paid untill the 28th, so i think i may have to give it a miss this time :frowning:

AJ man, Iv got a creeper crawler you can have! Its part warn, but its got more tread than your current one :stuck_out_tongue:

A catastrophic financial cock-up means I’m out too.

Sorry guys.

awesome!! that’s really kind of you edd- i’m in then :smiley:

i’ll change over to my metal pinned pedals too for a bit more grip…

how long do you reckon it’ll take to get to chicksands from letchworth?

No probs mate :slight_smile:
Yeah, probably a good idea to have as grippy pedals as you can get! Chicksands is only a few minutes away from Letchworth, you are closer than us you lucky so an so! How about if we pick you up at 9:15 - 9:30ish?


sounds good to me:)

Hi guys,

I’m thinking of coming down for this - however the best I’ll be able to manage is to get to Bedford train station for 9.45. Would anyone be able to offer me a lift for the remaining 9 miles of the journey?


Pwetty pwease?


Edit - If I travel to a different station here, I can get there for 9.15 if that helps?

May be a lift!

Hi Semach,

I’ve spoken to Neil/Norry and he might be able to pick you up on the way in. He was aiming to get to Chicksands for 9:30. Only trouble is he’s going out shortly so won’t be able to check the forum until after 10pm tonight. If you are still up for going and still have his number give him a text.

Thanks Azzer. Yeah, I’ve still got his number, so I’ll drop him a text now.



Nice one hope to see you tomorrow

Change of mind, and wallet.
I’ll see you guys there tomorrow.
I’ll phone one of you when I get to a car park.

How hard can it be to find a group of unicyclists in a forest?

Excellent news. And thanks to Norry, I’ve got a lift from the station.

Now… All I’ve got to do is remember how to ride muni. It’s been a while!