UK Charity Cycle Ride - Solent Challenge 11-6-05

Last year, 3 intrepid unicyclists joined this charity cycle ride around
the Solent coast (across the Isle of Wight, through Portsmouth,
Southampton and the New Forest).

66 miles of riding, 6 ferry crossings.

It was such fun that we’re doing it again this year.

Saturday 11th June, 2005

Anybody else interested in joining us this year?


hugely tempting, but I will have to enter late if at all, due to multiple uncertainties at the moment! Do you think they would have a cap on the number of entrants?

me and gemma will probably be there.

are you staying over night? perhaps we could stay in the same campsite and have a few after ride beers! responsibly of course :wink:

we would plan to head down on the fri evening and stay again on the sat.

see you soon

Re: UK Charity Cycle Ride - Solent Challenge 11-6-05

Oh you mean the three hero’s :wink: You do get featured well on the site.

It sounds like a nice challenge but I’m missing two things; a big wheel and stamina.

Have a good ride.

Mike, there’s no cap on numbers - it’s a small ride in terms of entrants (hundreds rather than thousands).

People could probably turn up on the day but it makes things a lot easier for the organisers (and me) if we get a little bit of notice.

We’ll be camping at a site in the New Forest on the Friday and Saturday nights.

Des, it’d be great if you and Gemma can come along.

The organisers didn’t believe that we’d be able to complete the route in a day. They were impressed. :slight_smile:


That’s good, although I’m sure I’ll be organised enough to know if I’m going to go for it by mid-May!


I’m fairly keen, I’m doing the London-Brighton the following weekend, so this would be a good warm up :slight_smile:

Is there a closing date for entries?


I quite fancy doing this one since I may not get the chance to race at the SSMM. Will there be a group entry done or are people fending for themselves entry-wise?


No closing date for entries - but the sooner the better. If you can raise sponsorship, that’d be good too - my father is currently in Kosovo with a “Hope and Aid Direct” convoy.

Last time people sorted out their own entries. Considering the geographic spread, we might as well do the same this time.

I don’t mind organising the camp site, though. Last year we stayed here:

but I think it’s quite expensive for single-occupant tents. The price is based on four - which is fine for me and family. :slight_smile:

It does have the benefit of showers etc. and being able to book just two nights. Others in the area either have no showers or you could only book if staying for 3 nights or longer.


Last time I went to one of these campsites, they had a special ‘backpacker’ rate for if you rode there rather than having a car with you. It still wasn’t super cheap, but it was cheaper.



Approximately how much were the ferries if you raised >£100 sponsorship?

I’ll will see if my family will want to come down.


The ferry subsidy isn’t dependent on raising sponsorship. Last year the cost for the six ferries came to about £8 total. The benefits of raising sponsorship are: it’s a good thing, you get a certificate, you get to enter the prize draws.

Bring the family, the New Forest is a great place for a weekend.


Well, I’ve hardly done any training yet but I figure it’s about time to apply for this 'ere stroll around the Isle of Wight. If any of you boys and girls register, please let me know.

markw at ftel dot co dot uk