UK :: Cambridge Trials/street ride

Trying to get a small group of riders at 11am saturday 18th, meet at the skate park near the public swimming pool right next to parkers piece.

Everyone welcome to ride street/trials whatever you fancy reallly

There should be at least 3 of us. Hoping for 5.


grrr when a ride comes close to me i cant come…

next time can you give us a bit more notice, its hard when only given 3 days notice

sorry only just thought about it. if you’re up for riding any time next week before BUC give me a shout, I can get a few mates over. where abouts do you live?


Awww man i’m well up for a trials ride round cambs, i would come except its my dads 60th this saterday so i cant make it :(, would you consider having it sunday?


Cant really change it now, sorry, however if your up for it, i’ll probably organise another ride in 2 weekends time with a bit more notice :wink:

And if your up for a ride any time during the week give me a shout i’m doing not much in cambridge at the moment…

i hate not being able to take pictures. nevermind the riding, it’s not fair. =P

Deffo up for a ride another time. As Leo said, its our dads 60th so can’t get over :frowning: Doesn’t Dan L live over that way?

dan liew lives in bristol :wink: