UK C2C Charity Ride

Dear Cokeheads (and other one wheelers)

I have been approached by couple of people asking if I would be interested in
organising a charity ride using the Coast to Coast route. This is a recognised
cycle route and several records already set on it, but none by unicyclists as
far as I know. It might only 144 miles long, but it is one of the hardest cycle
routes in the UK. It crosses the Lake District and then the Pennines. The ride
is to raise money for the Oxhill Youth Club, Stanley. This is a local youth club
(on the C2C route) that does a lot of work for the community in a deprived area.
Last year their youth club building was burnt down, this was devastating and the
community have all been working together to raise money to replace the building.
We will be offered support during the ride and a lot of money raising will be on
our behalf by the youth club. What we need is riders able to do this ride in
less than 2 days and some good weather. The ride will leave from Whiteheaven,
early on Saturday 1st July 2000, stopping over night just east of the lakes and
arrive in Sunderland on the evening of Sunday 2nd July 2000. If you are
interested in joining in on this ride could you contact me as soon as possible.

Roger Davies