[UK] Bristol ride Trials/Street Saturday 24th April

Anyone up for a trials/street ride on saturday the 24th in Bristol UK?

Absolutely no skills required just come have fun. We’ll start at 11.15 (earliest I can reasonably get a train in) , meet just where it says ‘regus’ on the map:

http://maps.google.co.uk/?ie=UTF8&ll=51.449994,-2.584661&spn=0.001382,0.003388&z=19 - right near the train station!

(notice we’re not going to meet in the middle of the roundabout but right near the steps on the sidewalk at that point)

If you get there early there might be some people willing to ride a little before and if you want to meet us later feel free! PM me and i’ll give you my number.

So far it looks like it’ll be at least me, Dan Liew and Marcus Collings.

Cya there :sunglasses:

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