UK - BMW 2005/1 Cancelled

BMW 2005/1 cancelled

Please note that the BMW organised by Cumbria Muni & Trials Club for 11-12th June 2005 is now CANCELLED…for a number of reasons. :angry: Hopefully someone else might organise a BMW for 2005 for anyone who is interested. :wink:

Sorry to anyone who may have been interested in coming.

Roger/Miark I would be very grateful if could you please remove our BMW entry from the Diary please.

Despite the above, we will probably be holding a similar (open) event for members and other individuals keen on riding some of the best trails in the UK – please contact Aaron or myself for further details. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



So after all the hype its not going to happen! :astonished:

Hope all is ok


How come?

Just have to go to Germany for the GMTW now!

Anybody fancy a wee holiday to Germany for some Muni & Trials?


Would anyone be interested in a replacement BMW on the Quantock Hills, Somerset?

The riding is awesome - possibly the highest concentration of bridleways and singletrack in one little bit of the UK. Loads of variety from fun singletrack to severe-injury-inducing descents, and a muddy-people-friendly tea room right in the middle.

I’ve been there on a nearly weekly basis for the last couple of months and the map still shows loads of promising looking tracks I haven’t been on yet.


Indeed, and alot closer to me than the lakes, next weekend did you say, excellent, I’ll start packing.

Three cheers for muddy-people-friendly tea rooms and their ilk! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi Phil,

When you have chosen the date please post a fresh message.

Congratulations on your appointment as BMW 2005 organiser!


BMW in the Quantocks? Finally. Can I reserve some floor in advance?
Just one major concern that must be addressed though. This tea room - is there good cake?


Thats a shame! Any reason that you mind sharing?
Let me know when the next ride is,

Take care,


After a long and detailed converstaion :roll_eyes: with Phil, I’m going to (try my best to) make it to Somerset.

I’m looking at train tickets, and looking for accomodation as I type!
Anyone else from up north fancy it?
I’m planning on setting off from Newcastle Central at 16.30 to make it to Taunton for 21.15 on the Friday.


BMW in the Quantocks? Excellent. Well done Phil.

I’m hoping for a plentiful supply of cider, as well as tea and cake of course :wink:


Cor, that was quick… I posted a vague idea on a whim and Joe has found his train already… :slight_smile:

Unless the Cumbria open event is on that date then keeping the same weekend - 9th to the 11th of July - would seem to make sense, in case anyone has made uber-long-term plans.

Haven’t decided on the best form of accommodation yet. There are a few campsites around, but they all seem to be an irritating distance away… a bit too far to ride on uninteresting roads on little munis, but close enough so it would take longer to load eveything into cars than to drive there.

There are two youth hostels very close by - one is within spitting distance of the m-p-f tea shop - but personally I’d rather go camping!

Opinions on preferred accommodation would be gratefully received, and I’ll make a new thread when something half-concrete emerges.

I have not yet sampled the cake at the tea room yet. I’m just going to have to go there again to find out. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…


camping preferred - unless it is December to February! Although last years bunk house was ideal in October…

I agree riding from the site is ideal, but it will still take a while for everyone to get ready judging from previous BMW’s.

The same weekend as what Phil? BMW 2005/1 was planned for 11-12th June

Aaargh, I’ve forgotten how to read! :roll_eyes:

11th-12th June is right.


count me in!
and i would prefere camping! its ssooo much fun!

If the weather’s nice (ha ha ha what a fool I am) I’m more than happy to have my car used as a pick-up to throw all the Munis into, should the accomodation be a drive away


You could always use the World Juggling Day weekend in the Lake District as an improvised base-camp for an impromptu BMW in the lakes 17-19 June. I think this was done the year before last.

For details of world juggling day see

looks quite cheap and if anyone could reccomend any good Muni routes in the area, it should be good

But I think we should do Phils’ Somerset BMW as well, if only for the sake of the tea-shops


How about a mass bivvi bang in the middle of the trails, it’s at the perfect time of year for sleeping out.


Of course I’ll be there along with my van to transport unicycles again if necessary. :smiley: