[UK] Aspley Woods Muni Meet [UK]

Hi everyone,

I won’t be maintaining this thread, so if you have any questions or discussion about this ride, can you please post it in the UK forum, cheers. http://unicycle.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=948

Years ago we held a few muni rides at Chicksands that were popular. Since all the interesting stuff at Chicksands has gone, Im thinking about doing one at Aspley Woods, near Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire.

I ride up there fairly often and know where all the cool trails are. There’s lots of tight twisty rooty stuff and some nice downhill runs too. Check out a video we made from a weekend riding up there.

Im thinking Saturday 15th September. Meet about 11ish. Theres a layby on the main road but that gets busy with the dirt jumpers, so it might be best to meet at a bigger carpark just round the corner. I’ll see how many people are interested and we can sort that stuff out nearer the time.

So, whos up for it?

Dam :frowning: … I am not in the counrty then :frowning:

Fantastic video, I must say. Great riding, great editing, I really enjoyed it.
The shots of “red-shirt” busting it through the quick turns in the brush are great and look like a blast.

Thats a shame Alan.

Cheers Ramackenzie, it was great fun filming it. We went up there yesterday and that narrow twisty trail has been destroyed. It was our favourite :frowning: