[UK] 26 inch muni or road unicycle

I am after a second hand unicycle as an upgrade to my current 20" beginners unicycle. I am planning to use it on roads and paths mainly, so will consider anything suitable Let me know what you have. Thanks

Hi I have a Kris Holm 24" Muni for sale, it is the 2008 model.I can include a magura Hs33 for free however the attachment is currently snapped but could but fixed.



How much do you want for it? Can you post a pic,and where in the uk?

Hi, I’m looking for around £175, and I can post, I am situated in south devon. The price can be negotiated some what, how much are you looking to spend?

I know these are awesome, but if it’s one you’re used heavily for 3 years, including damaging the brakes, I’m guessing it’s going be pretty well worn by now (any pics?). Ideally I’m after something around £100, and ideally 26 inch.

Still looking

I am still after a unicycle, please let me know if you have one, 24 or 26" thanks

I’ve got a 28" road uni that I’m looking to sell. Its got quite a skinny tyre (hence 28 rather than 29) so its fast on the road but not really suitable off-road. Looking for around £75. PM if interested.



I live in holland and I have a 26 inch muni. http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/1/products_id/921 . They are with green oddisey twisted PC Chameleon pedals.
And I will send you also a pair of oddisey pedals and These pedals.

If you want I can send you pictures of how it looks now.(I alsmost didn’t used it)