UK 24 hour riders

Looks interesting, Inverness aint far from me.

I got a coker and a 24" muni. I’m guessing it aint coker-able, and the muni has 165’s so the distance would kill my knees.

Then there’s the work side of things, settling into new job, etc…

If I was unemployed and had a 26" muni then I might be more inclined to do it.


Its too far, and on an inconvenient date for me, but the Salisbury Plain Challenge looks to be perfectly placed for me, I’d really be up for that, especially on my LM26 with the 127mm cranks.


The weekend has arrived; tomorrow Joe and Joe will either prove they are utterly, utterly mental or freeze to death trying.

They’ve probably gone now (they’re going to be late otherwise) but here’s wishing them good luck!


I just spoke to my flatmate who said that on “The Adventure Show” on BBC Scotland the other night, they had an interview with one of the unicyclists. From my flatmates description, it sounded like Joe Marshall.

How did the guys get on? Any word back from them?

Did anyone else see it or hopefully record/capture it? Or have I missed a thread, I searched for “Strathpuffer” and got this thread.


Yes it was Joe Marshall, I recorded it for him. hardest race ever

It was fun, though it took it’s toll on the body. :slight_smile: We got on telly (a bit).
My ‘probably’ broken wrist has now graduated to a very much broken scaphoid, in a ‘bend it back as far as it will go’ cast, which is fun.
No uni, mountain bike, driving, kayaking, kiting, getting wet, or falling on left side etc for at least a month. arse! . :angry:

unlucky Joe, hope it heals fast

It never stopped me unicycling just saved wear and tear on one wrist guard. :slight_smile:

Hope if sets first time off. It took me 3 goes and ended up with an additional lump of stainless steel in my wrist to fix it.

Good luck