UK 24 Hour Mountain Mayhem this weekend

Is it at Eastnor Castle by the Malvern Hills??

If so, excellent, I’ll be there to watch!!

yes it is indeed!
look out for the twin yellow, 10 foot high unicycle banners…

I’m riding and hoping to return intact!

PS- it starts at 2 pm saturday with a Le Mans style start (1/2 a mile run). but the first people may be there already…

thanx for your prompt reply mike!

I was confused as I know the event as Red Bull Mountain Mayhem, but all i could find for this year was Saab-Solomen Mountain Mayhem, so I guess they have new sponsorship!

I may even bring my uni for, as Phil quotes, “a gentle pootle”. But as I probably won’t be allowed to ‘pootle’ on the track, I’ll have to settle for the boring grass fields instead!!

I think there’ll be plenty of pootling space there anyway, besides, you’ve got to get around somehow!
see you tomorrow - I’ll be the one with the ridiculously small campervan (not mine - borrowed!)

and to quote a News website:

A spokeswoman said the south-west of Britain and central belt of England had been worst affected, with Hereford receiving an inch of rain in two or three hours.

“The Herefordshire region would generally expect to get about two inches in the whole month of June,” she said.

…guess where the race is!

Good luck you guys! I hope it’s better weather than last year. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend.