Uhhhh my cranks won't come off...?

yeah I just got new cranks and im trying to put them on.
ive taken off the cap thing and unbolted the crank bolt…
but the cranks still won’t come off.
its like they are welded on or something.
it sucks.
can anyone help?
btw i have a shity AXIS 20’’ Beginners Uni.
Im looking for a good 20’’ trials Uni in Australia.
k bye

You need some type of crank remover, probably the CCP-4 or CPW-6.

dw my dad brought out the big guns and used a grinder to get them off.
not i can ide my uni.
YAY! ^.^
k bye

A grinder, huh?

I guess the old cranks were bent too far to worry about anymore?

Seriously, the right tool will help when you need to change them out again, without ruining the ones on there.

i know, grind them off!!

ohh… you did

well its too late now to save the old cranks i imagine.

use for old cranks

since ground off cranks are obviously unusable for any more usefull purpus you should try to incorporate them in a home-made ultamate wheel

im glad you didnt use the “biger hammer” method

I cant get my KH cranks off either, but thats because the bolt wont loosen

Oh god, don’t do what he did and grind them. Try a tool with a longer handle for more leverage?

place uni on ground and kick the lever!
just be careful :wink:

Put yer back into it ya sissy.

tale your seat and seat post put of the frame and put it over the allen wrench for more leverage

I always like keeping old parts of sports or things that I played like snowboards, bikes unicycles… that way if i ever become pro at something I can throw everything else away and say how I had been doing this sport my whole life.