Ugly Update

if u can’t tell the difference between an opinion and a schmooze i’d suggest rethinking your career in politics


Re: Ugly Update

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> Here’s another view of the ugly rascal -
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> | Attachment filename: ugly frame 1.jpg |
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I think it looks like it was made from a big boy’s Meccano set. I like it
though. I’m sure it will turn heads, even among unicyclists.



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No lukewarm feelings here, I actually think it looks really, really kickin’.

Has that cool “industrial” look; has anyone ever made a frame out of diamond plate?

The only thing is it does have that plain look about it; it needs some kind of dressing, like a chain welded around the crown or something.


A German guy made a trials uni that had a bit of diamond plate. From what I can recall, it isn’t the lightest design.

Yup. Does look heavy!

He says it weighs 900grams.

Anyways, Steves uni, i think, looks rather cool! It would look really good with a light inside it! Like the one you can now get for them computers with clear plastic sides!


Edit: Just done this on paint… (you have to imagine they are lights, k? and that the spary paint round the rim is the ‘glow’ off the lights!)

here it is…

ugly frame with lights.jpg

I can’t believe this uni popped up again after all these years.

If you need to add it to your collection, check out this TradePost thread:

Check our EL Wire. It’s cheap and works great :slight_smile: