Ugly Update

A few weeks ago I described a frame I was building. It wasn’t going well and was just plain ugly. The old thread is here:

I decided to go ahead and finish it so here it is. Just goes to show that putting good looking parts on a dog of a frame DOES pretty it up a bit. I think it’s still ugly though.

I took the wheel set, seat and seat post off my current good looking MUni but put chrome GT branded Profile cranks and new, pretty, Wellgo B-27 pedals on. It won’t stay this way though … just wanted to see what it looks like put together.

The frame is going to a new owner but I won’t mention names because I don’t want to embarass him!

Steve Howard

ugly frame 2.jpg

Here’s another view of the ugly rascal -

ugly frame 1.jpg

When I saw the thread “Ugly Update” with a paper-clip indicating an attachment, I thought you were going to show us a picture of your injury. I was afraid to look (I am easily grossed out). This wasn’t so bad…

Dave (uni57)

Re: Ugly Update

I hope I don’t know the person getting that muni. I’d hate to be seen anywhere neer a frame like that. :o

And like Dave (uni57) I was expecting to see a picture of your shin. :slight_smile:

that frame is pretty ugly,its looks like an “erector-Uni” is that a word…?

if i was a 3 year old kid i would find a little pebble that just barely fit though one of those holes and cram it in there! ping ping ping raddle raddle raddle,thunk thunk thunk…i see a noisey future in that uni :frowning:

am i the ony one who kinda likes the retro-mechano set look of that frame?

if ever that frame is in danger of going ownerless, give me a shout

I completely agree. I think that is one cool looking machine. I’d ride it proudly in a heartbeat.

Great work.

Now if one could just make a uni frame using ice-cream sticks, my kid could go into business. :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I quite like the look of it too! The only thing wrong with it is it looks a bit chunky and it could get in the way of knees/calves.

I guess you’re getting the frame then John…:stuck_out_tongue:

That pic takes me back to my childhood ‘mechano’ days!

Hopefully the owner is already married or has no intentions of getting married. I doubt anyone could attract women with a frame that ugly.

wow,im not alone.
I was starting to think that i was the only one here not smoozing the maker for a freebee :roll_eyes:

Sure it’s ugly, but it must be pretty light right?


Bright idea

Whoever gets the frame should find a way to light it up from the inside. That would make it a real cool frame to ride in the dark.
Get some battery powered fairy lights and head out into the night

Re: Bright idea

That’s actually not a bad idea. Do they make flourescent tubes durable enough to slip inside the fork legs and not break during riding? Having one solid shaft of light inside pouring out each hole would be sweet. Imagine riding through fog. Maybe you could put tiny lenses over each of the holes to focus the light into concentrated beams.

thats one heavy duty ride. I like it! good work.
Very cool idea about the lights, that would be pefect for night parades, or just riding a night.

Like most of Steve’s artworks, I’m sure the new owner will put it to good use. It’d be interesting to see if they stick with the “a natural” color or decide to improve it with some form of lighting.

I’m squeemish of injury photos too. Now that you mention it though, my shin is healing. I shaved the hair around the deep wound so Band-Aids will come off easier. Right now my shin is very ugly. Not sure which looks worse - my shin or the frame.

Don’t worry John - The frame’s going far, far away from you and me both! Couldn’t be much farther from you and still be in the US.

It’s lighter than it looks - about 2.5 pounds.

I like the light in the frame idea too, but anything that’s done to this frame will be an improvement. The guy that’s getting the frame (and claims he wants it) has built some pretty nice looking uni’s in the past. It could be said that he had a keen sense of style. I wonder what happened?

Steve Howard

Whew!!! I was worried that it might have been destined for Harper or UniBrier. That would have been a little too close for my comfort. :slight_smile:

Now, don’t count your chickens before they hatch (or in my case; count your hens before you know how many of the chicks are going to be roosters :wink: ). Mounted horizontally the frame would make a great roost in my pullet coop.

Didn’t Forrest Gump say “Ugly is as Ugly does”?

Maybe ugly in form but I see function. How about a custom Coker frame of this design. You could put any wheel size in it and use the holes for adjustable brake bosses.

Something to think about. You may really want one. :roll_eyes:

God bless this individual if (s)he can make any improvements on the aesthetic value of this object.
How’s “project Cinderella” sound?
Taking a pile of rags and trying to make it suitable for aristocrats?