Ugly Juggling address

For anyone who wants to know (or for the FAQ), the address of Ugly Juggling for
callers and mail order is

The Ugly Juggling Company 73 Westgate Road Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 1SG UK

Phone: +44 191 232 0297

They also have a callers-only shop at

Durham Indoor Market Market Place Durham UK

They sell both their own unis (made by Pashley) and DM ones, as well as a wide
variety of other circus kit, books, etc. The 1995 catalogue (free, I think)
lists the Ugly 20" mountain uni (mk 3) mentioned in previous emails by Duncan
(95 gbp), plus a 5’ giraffe (195 gbp); it also says that 24" and 28" 1994 (mk
2) models (narrow wheel) are still available while stocks last (85-90gbp) (has
anyone tried either of these? I’m tempted by a 28", then I might be able to
keep up with the kids on bikes …). The 95 catalogue also lists DMs from 12"
to 28" (95-128 gbp), chrome DMs with square frame (up to 175 gbp) and DM
giraffes (265-449 gbp). They don’t keep all of these in stock all the time,
however. Chris