ugh, where do the nuts go ?? :(

i’m sure this topic has been discussed many times,
read the above thread on testicular suspension via some jock strap looking thingy, read as many FAQs on riding as i could get my hands on.

i’m like a day old on the unicycle, not made much progress due to the intense ‘sensations’ from my testicular region. i know its been said to tuck them somewhere, or move them out of the way, but i just can’t see how that can happen on a unicycle … unless of course i tilt the seat forwards till i can rest my nuts atop the front portion of the seat or something …

any pointers? this is the only thing keeping me away from making it a whole day learning affair… i have to take a rest after every 4 or 5 attempts else i’d keel over from the ball twisting agony.


If it is truely a problem. While mounting, reach into your trousers, cup your nuts and lift them up. Sit down and let them rest, they should fall into a fine spot.

Your nuts need to be trained to fall in the right spot. It’ll come with a little time.

Just don’t practice in an open public are with children around.

all manner of shifting on the seat ends in discomfort.
so i really wouldn’t know where to put them even if i cupped them.

mount, stand up, lift nuts, sit down, let go of nuts, let tem fall where they want to.

Just dont pull up too hard.

What kind of unicycle seat do you have?
Maybe you’ve got a bad seat or the seat is adjusted badly.

What Catboy said^

That is exactly what I had to do when I started riding. I no longer have that problem, as I have found my own way of pulling the seat in from the back/underneath my nuts.

But yeah, just stand up, reach down there, grab 'em and pull 'em up, and sit down. You should be good to go!

one word castration

Take it from “butternuts.”

The first unicycles were actually known as eunuchcycles and the riders were called eunuchcyclists. They worked for the emperor’s court in ancient China. Later the names got changed to unicycle and unicyclist and the old names got lost to history.

Re: ugh, where do the nuts go ?? :frowning:

On Tue, 1 Nov 2005 00:13:26 -0600, john_childs wrote:

>The first unicycles were actually known as eunuchcycles and the riders
>were called eunuchcyclists. They worked for the emperor’s court in
>ancient China. Later the names got changed to unicycle and unicyclist
>and the old names got lost to history.

The eunuchcyclists’ job was to please the emperor, in what could be
described as the predecessor of the Chinese State Circus. That’s where
the expression “Are you from the circus?” comes from - unlike the word
eunuchcyclist it survives to the present day. Strangely, most
unicyclists don’t want to be remembered to that honourable period.

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Buy classy flat saddle with the tilting rail sit post or tilting inset on the top of the sitpost.Tilt sit resonably back.You and your assets will have EUNUCH space to enjoj.

yea i might have to adjust the angle of the seat then
now its a U, maybe i need it more like a J ? as in more seat at the back instead?

A pair of cycling shorts will keep Frankie and the Twins nicely out the way. Once you’ve C’nDed (cupped and dragged) them forward, the chamois insert in the cycling shorts will keep them there for much longer than traditional underwear.
If you’re not wearing underwear (or are wearing boxers) at the moment, I can only imagine the discomfort.

That then also explains why riders have the urge to kick people who ask that question in a particular area of their anatomy.

Try getting almost seated a little further towards the front of the seat, and then move back while transfering your weight to the saddle.

I’m with Gild on the cycling shorts idea. That’s what I wear. I pull everything up high and to the front and the shorts hold it all in place for a long time. I have to readjust only periodically. If you think the cycling shorts look goofy, wear them under a pair of baggy shorts or your regular pants and no-one will know.

…you might want to reconsider riding around on a unicycle.

Hey Decide, This jock works great. Allows you to wear any pants and uni carefree.

Here’s a diagram…

Listen to these guys advice, It’ll save you many hours of agony. :slight_smile: