Ugh.... I broke my tibia

Well, MRI confirmed a tibial compression fracture with possible articular cartilage damage. At least my meniscus is fine. I won’t be unicycling for 4 weeks or so :angry:

I just hope the cartilage repairs or it’s micro-fracture surgery time.

Sorry to hear that.
I had to look it up.

For unicycling, it sounds like it would be caused from a stepping off hard from a UPD?

Bummer, though that’s probably better than a ligament tear, though cartilage damage is not so good. Some studies suggest that self repair is better over the long run than surgery…

I didn’t do it unicycling, I did it training for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament.

We will see what my ortho suggests, it’s not very bad, I hope we just let it heal on it’s own.

Did it happen while your were sparring? This guy suffered a broken leg and you can hear it snap at 1:13! Sounds very similar to what happened to you! :astonished:

Ha Ha! No, I came down on it hard during a takedown. I went ahead and competed and lost once to the guy who took the gold. I’ve been hobbling around on it in denial for a few months; we are pretty sure this made it worse and that I probably refractured it 4 weeks ago. Oh, well, it’ll heal.

It’s a compression fracture so it could have been worse. I was also freaked out that it was my meniscus; it’s not. :smiley:

hope it heals fast so you can ride all your sweet unis!

Bummer Tim.

Hopefully you are going to be better at following Dr’s orders than I am.


Crikey Tirving :frowning:

Hope you heal fast and well :wink:

Thanks, just knowing what is wrong has led to me, doing the right things like, walking with a cane when walking for longer bits, not training Brazilian jiu jitsu, keeping as much weight off it as I can and doing non weight bearing exercises.

I haven’t had much pain at all since doing these things, it’ll heal quick now :smiley:

ahh some pure DH muni should heal you right up :smiley:

I’m going to give myself 3-4 weeks before doing anything uni-related, I’ve been walking around and doing stuff with the fracture, it needs a little TLC at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

Urgh!!! sorry to hear that…

I broke my tibia too when I first learnt riding the unic.

I was unforgettable moment LOL

I am very sure my fracture is not as bad as what you experienced, it’s a compression fracture, not your typical bone fracture. In fact, I was just told that it was caused because my cartilage is messed up and lost the “cushioning effect” without this, the impact affected the bone, it’s really less of a true fracture and more of a bruise deep in the bone.

I learned a new word today also.
But well… look at the job titles… (I was already surprised with such a detailed post).

Ough; well, still a surprise to me. But a bad recovery of an unexpected move could do this, especially at weird angles. I’m sorry to hear this. Well; see if you can spend that time well in another way?

Hope you heal quickly and well

Apparently I bruised my tibia last week. It’s been really sore and I got an x-ray today that confirmed it. I feel your pain (to a lesser degree)!

Sorry to hear that hope u get better soon buddy:(